Name Description
AbstractTagGenerator AbstractTagGenerator EMPTY
Annotatable Class Annotatable EMPTY
AnnotateChangedDBSpecsTest This test should fail, if a DB property is removed from a class, but the property itself still exists after generation EMPTY
AnnotateClassInfo Class AnnotateClassInfo We will need this for phpDocumentor as well. EMPTY
AnnotateClassInfoTest Class DataObjectAnnotatorTest EMPTY
AnnotatePermissionChecker Class AnnotatePermissionChecker EMPTY
AnnotatePermissionCheckerTest Class DataObjectAnnotatorTest EMPTY
AnnotatorPageTest No description available EMPTY
AnnotatorPageTest_Controller No description available EMPTY
AnnotatorPageTest_Extension No description available EMPTY
ControllerAnnotatorTest Class DataObjectAnnotatorTest EMPTY
ControllerTagGenerator No description available EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotator Class DataObjectAnnotator Generates phpdoc annotations for database fields and orm relations so IDE's with autocompletion and property inspection will recognize properties and relation methods. EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTask Class DataObjectAnnotatorTask EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest Class DataObjectAnnotatorTest EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest_Player Class DataObjectAnnotatorTest_Player EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest_SubTeam No description available EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest_Team No description available EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest_TeamChanged Class DataObjectAnnotatorTest_Team EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest_TeamComment No description available EMPTY
DataObjectAnnotatorTest_Team_Extension No description available EMPTY
DataObjectWithOldStyleTagMarkers StartGeneratedWithDataObjectAnnotator EMPTY
DocBlockGenerator Class DocBlockGenerator EMPTY
DocBlockMockWithDocBlock Class DocBlockMockWithDocBlock Couldn't help it... EMPTY
DocBlockMockWithoutDocBlock No description available EMPTY
DoubleDataObjectInOneFile1 No description available EMPTY
DoubleDataObjectInOneFile2 No description available EMPTY
MockDataObjectAnnotator Class MockDataObjectAnnotator Overload DataObjectAnnotator to make protected methods testable. EMPTY
MockDocBlockGenerator No description available EMPTY
OrmTagGenerator OrmTagGenerator This class generates DocBlock Tags for the ORM properties of a Dataobject of DataExtension and adds $owner Tags for added DataExtensions EMPTY
OtherDocBlockMockWithDocBlock Class OtherDocBlockMockWithDocBlock EMPTY