Name Description
Exception No description available EMPTY
OpauthAuthenticator Base authenticator for SilverStripe Opauth module. EMPTY
OpauthController OpauthController Wraps around Opauth for handling callbacks. EMPTY
OpauthIdentity OpauthIdentity The SS equivalent of "index.php" and "callback.php" in the Opauth package. EMPTY
OpauthIdentityTest No description available EMPTY
OpauthLoginForm OpauthLoginForm The form presented to users for signing in with an Opauth strategy. EMPTY
OpauthMemberExtension No description available EMPTY
OpauthMemberExtensionTest No description available EMPTY
OpauthMemberLoginFormExtension No description available EMPTY
OpauthMemberLoginFormExtensionTest No description available EMPTY
OpauthRegisterForm OpauthRegisterForm Presented to users whose OpauthIdentity object does not provide enough info. EMPTY
OpauthResponseHelper OpauthResponseHelper Utility class for handling responses from Opauth. EMPTY
OpauthValidationException OpauthValidationException Exception padded with some data so its handler can do its job intelligently. EMPTY
OpauthValidator OpauthValidator Merges with a custom validator to bring to the user some super error messages EMPTY