Name Description
Block A page content-block. EMPTY
GridFieldBulkActionPublishHandler Bulk action handler to publish records EMPTY
GridFieldBulkActionUnpublishHandler Bulk action handler to unpublish records EMPTY
GridFieldBulkActionVersionedDeleteHandler Bulk action handler to remove record from live and stage! EMPTY
GridFieldBulkActionVersionedUnlinkHandler Bulk action handler to publish records EMPTY
GridFieldConfig_BlockEditor GridFieldConfig that supplies the config needed to edit content blocks within a page EMPTY
ImageBlock A content-block that contains N images EMPTY
PageBlocks Extension that applies blocks to a page. EMPTY
PublishAllExtension Extension that enables publishing of a page and all blocks. EMPTY
TextBlock Content block with text EMPTY
VideoBlock Block that shows a video from an external source (YouTube, Vimeo) EMPTY
VirtualBlock The Virtual Block follows the same logic as a "Virtual Page" in the CMS. EMPTY