Name Description
GridFieldPaymentActionsTest Test payment actions in GridFields EMPTY
PayableUIExtension Data extension to be used in conjunction with the Payable extension from the omnipay module. EMPTY
PayableUITest Test the Payable extension EMPTY
PayableUITest_Order No description available EMPTY
PayableUITest_PaymentExtension No description available EMPTY
PaymentAdmin Model admin administration of payments. EMPTY


Name Description
GridFieldCaptureAction A GridField button that can be used to capture an authorized payment EMPTY
GridFieldPaymentAction Abstract baseclass for payment actions EMPTY
GridFieldPaymentStatusIndicator No description available EMPTY
GridFieldRefundAction A GridField button that can be used to refund a payment EMPTY
GridFieldVoidAction A GridField button that can be used to void a payment EMPTY


Name Description
GenerateJavascriptI18nTask Creates JavaScript files ready for consumption by framework/javascript/i18n.js, based on source files in JSON format. This is necessary in order to support translations in a format which our collaborative translation service (Transifex) supports, while retaining the ability to combine JavaScript files in SilverStripe without resorting to JSONP or other means of processing raw JSON files. EMPTY