Name Description
BulkManager GridField component for editing attached models in bulk. EMPTY


Name Description
ArchiveHandler Bulk action handler for recursive archiving records. EMPTY
DeleteHandler Bulk action handler for deleting records. EMPTY
EditHandler Bulk action handler for editing records. EMPTY
Handler Base class to extend for all custom bulk action handlers Gives access to the GridField, Component and Controller and implements useful functions like {@link getRecordIDList()} and {@link getRecords()}. EMPTY
PublishHandler Bulk action handler for recursive publishing records. EMPTY
UnPublishHandler Bulk action handler for recursive unpublishing records. EMPTY
UnlinkHandler Bulk action handler for unlinking records. EMPTY


Name Description
HTTPBulkToolsResponse Custom HTTPResponse for all bulk tools to use for a unified response format and facilitate forn-end handling EMPTY


Name Description
BulkUploadField Custom UploadField used to override Link() and redirect UploadField action properly through the GridField. EMPTY
BulkUploadHandler Handles request from the GridFieldBulkUpload component. EMPTY
BulkUploader GridField component for uploading images in bulk. EMPTY