Name Description
CachableChunkedRefreshJob Looking at the refresh BuildTask: We break the entire iteration over the $pages result-set into chunks depending on peak memory usage which is checked at each iteration. If meory exceeeds a preset limit, we pass processing of the cache-refresh onto a job queue. EMPTY
CachableChunkedRefreshJobStorageService Basic storage-as-a-service class operated on by {@link Config} via {@link CachableChunkedRefreshJob} for use with QueuedJobs to "persist" data when job is initialised in {@link QueuedJobService}. EMPTY
Cacheable Gives {@link SiteTree} objects caching abilities. EMPTY
CacheableCacheInspectorController Allows qualified (Admin) users a view into the state of the object cache. EMPTY
CacheableConfig No description available EMPTY
CacheableConfigTest No description available EMPTY
CacheableData Warning: The API surface of a cacheable object differs from its SilverStripe core counterpart. While developers have the opportunity to fine-tune what properties and methods are cached via YML config (See README) do not rely on core methods always being callable. EMPTY
CacheableDataModelConvert No description available EMPTY
CacheableException Custom exceptions allow module-specific exceptions to be easily tracked when such tracking/alerting systems are utilised. EMPTY
CacheableNavigationService No description available EMPTY
CacheableNavigationServiceTest No description available EMPTY
CacheableNavigation_Clean This BuildTask clears the f/s or in-memory cache for {@link SiteTree} and {@link SiteConfig} native SilverStripe objects. EMPTY
CacheableNavigation_Rebuild This BuildTask pre-primes the filesystem or in-memory caches for {@link SiteTree} and {@link SiteConfig} native SilverStripe objects. EMPTY
CacheableNavigation_RebuildTest No description available EMPTY
CacheableSiteConfig Object-cached representation of a SilverStripe {@link SiteConfig} object. EMPTY
CacheableSiteTree Object-cached representation of a SilverStripe {@link SiteTree} object. EMPTY
CacheableSiteTreeTest No description available EMPTY
CacheableTest No description available EMPTY
CachedNavigation No description available EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
MySQLDebuggableDatabase No description available EMPTY
SiteConfigCacheable Gives {@link SiteConfig} objects caching abilities. EMPTY