Name Description
Akismet The Akismet PHP5 Class EMPTY
AuthorHelper Collect the authors for author-specific pages. EMPTY
Comment Comment model. EMPTY
CommentCMSExtension To keep everything consistent an clean/readable, this class handles the parts needed for the CMS to manage comments. EMPTY
CommentForm Take the Form-creation outside of the page. This is a cleaner way of getting everything correct. EMPTY
CommentReport Content side-report listing newsitems with broken comments EMPTY
ExtraShortcodeParser Add shortcode features. EMPTY
GridfieldNewsPublishAction Gridfield Action to publish / unpublish a news item EMPTY
LatestnewsWidget No description available EMPTY
News The news. EMPTY
NewsAdmin Default admin for the newsmodule. EMPTY
NewsAuthorTest Test if the author is correctly set and created. EMPTY
NewsCMSExtension To clean up and make the News object cleaner. EMPTY
NewsCommentTest Functional tests to see if comments are correctly linked. EMPTY
NewsControllerExtension Make the news globally available. So you don't have to be on a NewsHolderPage. EMPTY
NewsHolderPage News page and controller. EMPTY
NewsHolderPage_Controller No description available EMPTY
NewsLeftAndMainExtension Decorate Left and Main with the CSS for the NewsAdmin This is cleaner than including via _config. EMPTY
NewsSiteConfigExtension Add some settings to the siteconfig. Pretty easy, right? EMPTY
NewsTagTest Unittests for tags. EMPTY
NewsTest Tests for the Newsitems. EMPTY
Renamed Handle renamed topics. EMPTY
SlideshowCMSExtension This extension sets up the fields for the Slideshow images. EMPTY
SlideshowImage Slideshow Image is the holder for the images for the slideshow. EMPTY
SocketWriteRead Utility class used by Akismet EMPTY
Tag Tagging for your news, so you can categorize everything and optionally even create a tagcloud. EMPTY
TagCMSExtension Handler for the CMS options for tags. This cleans up the Tags class. EMPTY
TagReport Content side-report listing tags and amount of usage. EMPTY