Name Description
BillingDetailsForm Description of CheckoutForm EMPTY
Checkout Helper class for the checkout, contains tools used by all subcomponents of the checkout module. EMPTY
CheckoutControllerExtension Extension for Content Controller that provide methods such as cart link and category list to templates EMPTY
CheckoutGroupExtension Overwrite group object EMPTY
CheckoutLoginForm Log-in form for the "member" authentication method that extends the default login method EMPTY
CheckoutMemberExtension Overwrite default member object EMPTY
CheckoutSiteConfigExtension Extension to add extra settings into siteconfig EMPTY
CheckoutUserAccountControllerExtension Extension for Users Account Controller that adds address management interfaces EMPTY
Checkout_Controller Controller used to render the checkout process EMPTY
DeliveryDetailsForm Description of CheckoutForm EMPTY
Discount No description available EMPTY
MemberAddress An address that belongs to a member object. This allows us to define more than one address that a user can have or send orders to. EMPTY
PayPal No description available EMPTY
PayPalHandler No description available EMPTY
PaymentHandler Abstract class that contains methods for processing interactions with a particular payment class EMPTY
PaymentMethod 'Abstract' class that you will extend to add payment providers These will automatically be added under the "Payments" tab in Settings, inside the CMS EMPTY
Payment_Controller Summary Controller is responsible for displaying all order data before posting to the final payment gateway. EMPTY
PostageArea Postage objects list available postage costs and destination locations EMPTY
PostagePaymentForm Description of CheckoutForm EMPTY
QuantityField Text input field with validation for numeric values. EMPTY
ShippingCalculator Shipping calculator is a basic helper class that can be used to query the shipping table. EMPTY
ShoppingCart Holder for items in the shopping cart and interacting with them, as well as rendering these items into an interface that allows editing of items, EMPTY
ShoppingCartItem Single item class that needs to be added to a shopping cart. This class is used to provide a structure of how shopping cart items can be interacted with. EMPTY
StringDecryptor Class designed to deal with decrypting strings sent to it, either using XOR or AES encryption. EMPTY
StringEncryptor Class designed to deal with encrypting strings sent to it, either using XOR or AES encryption. EMPTY
WorldPay No description available EMPTY
WorldPayHandler No description available EMPTY