Name Description
DebugBar A simple helper EMPTY
DebugBarController A open handler controller for DebugBar EMPTY
DebugBarControllerExtension A controller extension to log times and render the Debug Bar EMPTY
DebugBarDatabaseCollector Collects data about SQL statements executed through the DatabaseProxy EMPTY
DebugBarDatabaseNewProxy A proxy database to log queries (compatible with 3.2+) EMPTY
DebugBarDatabaseProxy A proxy database to log queries (compatible with 3.1) EMPTY
DebugBarLeftAndMainExtension Description of DebugBarLeftAndMainExtension EMPTY
DebugBarLogWriter Custom writer for SS_Log EMPTY
DebugBarRequestFilter A request filter to log pre request time EMPTY
DebugBarSilverStripeCollector No description available EMPTY
DebugBarTest Tests for DebugBar EMPTY
JdornSqlFormatter SQL Formatter is a collection of utilities for debugging SQL queries. EMPTY