Name Description
Exception No description available EMPTY
Mandrill No description available EMPTY
MandrillAdmin Mandrill admin section EMPTY
MandrillClick MandrillClick EMPTY
MandrillController MandrillController - provide extensions points for handling mandrill webhooks EMPTY
MandrillEmail An improved and more pleasant base Email class to use on your project EMPTY
MandrillMailer No description available EMPTY
MandrillMessage No description available EMPTY
MandrillRequirementsBackend MandrillRequirementsBackend EMPTY
MandrillSiteConfig Sample SiteConfig ready to be integrated with Mandrill emails EMPTY
Mandrill_ChangePasswordEmail Replace the default Member_ChangePasswordEmail EMPTY
Mandrill_Error No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Exports No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_ForgotPasswordEmail Replace the default Member_ForgotPasswordEmail EMPTY
Mandrill_HttpError No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_IP_ProvisionLimit A dedicated IP cannot be provisioned while another request is pending. EMPTY
Mandrill_Inbound No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Internal No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_CustomDNS The domain name is not configured for use as the dedicated IP's custom reverse DNS. EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_CustomDNSPending A custom DNS change for this dedicated IP is currently pending. EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_DeleteDefaultPool The default pool cannot be deleted. EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_DeleteNonEmptyPool Non-empty pools cannot be deleted. EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_EmptyDefaultPool You cannot remove the last IP from your default IP pool. EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_Key The provided API key is not a valid Mandrill API key EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_Reject The requested email is not in the rejection list EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_Tag_Name The requested tag does not exist or contains invalid characters EMPTY
Mandrill_Invalid_Template The given template name already exists or contains invalid characters EMPTY
Mandrill_Ips No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Messages No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Metadata No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Metadata_FieldLimit Custom metadata field limit reached. EMPTY
Mandrill_NoSendingHistory The user hasn't started sending yet. EMPTY
Mandrill_PaymentRequired The requested feature requires payment. EMPTY
Mandrill_PoorReputation The user's reputation is too low to continue. EMPTY
Mandrill_Rejects No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Senders No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_ServiceUnavailable The subsystem providing this API call is down for maintenance EMPTY
Mandrill_Subaccounts No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Tags No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Templates No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Export The requested export job does not exist EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_IP The provided dedicated IP does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_InboundDomain The requested inbound domain does not exist EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_InboundRoute The provided inbound route does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Message The provided message id does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_MetadataField The provided metadata field name does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Pool The provided dedicated IP pool does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Sender The requested sender does not exist EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Subaccount The provided subaccount id does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Template The requested template does not exist EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_TrackingDomain The provided tracking domain does not exist. EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Url The requested URL has not been seen in a tracked link EMPTY
Mandrill_Unknown_Webhook The requested webhook does not exist EMPTY
Mandrill_Urls No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Users No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_ValidationError The parameters passed to the API call are invalid or not provided when required EMPTY
Mandrill_Webhooks No description available EMPTY
Mandrill_Whitelists No description available EMPTY
SendTestEmailTask A simple task to test if your emails are sending properly EMPTY