Name Description
CloudAssets Central interface for cloud assets module. EMPTY
CloudAssetsFullCheckTask Does a full status check on every file AND thumbnail/formatted/generated file. EMPTY
CloudAssetsLocalCopyTest Basically runs the same suite of tests, but with local copy enabled EMPTY
CloudAssetsSyncDupsTask If there are any duplicate file records (2 records pointing to the same file) This task will sync the cloud state between them. If any of them has a live status, all of them will. EMPTY
CloudAssetsTest No description available EMPTY
CloudAssets_NullLogger No description available EMPTY
CloudAwareUpload Subclass of Upload controller to return wrapped files. EMPTY
CloudBucket Base class for all bucket drivers EMPTY
CloudFile Wraps the file object. I hate having to do it this way but I can't think of a better way. Extensions aren't able to override core class methods (such as Link). EMPTY
CloudFileExtension This is added to all File objects for shared functionality. EMPTY
CloudImage Wraps the Image object. We have to replace a few more methods with Image because things like formatting and dimensions don't work the same with a placeholder file. EMPTY
CloudImageCached Wraps Image_Cached. This one we have to be a little more careful with because we don't keep a database record. EMPTY
CloudImageCachedStore Class CloudImageCachedStore EMPTY
CloudImageMissing Wraps a special case that really only occurs when we try to generate a thumbnail from a missing image (remote and local). EMPTY
MockBucket Stubs out all the cloud calls for testing. EMPTY
UpdateCloudAssetsTask Simply calls updateCloudStatus on every file in the db. EMPTY