Name Description
BetweenFilter Checks if the value is within a range (inclusive). Equivalent of mysql's between statement but doesn't use that for compatibility. EMPTY
BuildVFI Rebuilds all VirtualFieldIndexes EMPTY
FacetHelper Adds methods for limited kinds of faceting using the silverstripe ORM. EMPTY
FacetedCategory This extension can be applied to ProductCategory to allow categories to have facets as well. EMPTY
HasStaticAttributes Extension for Product that allows static attributes in the same way they're used for variations. I'm separating this out because it will probably be useful in other projects. EMPTY
HasStaticAttributes_CheckboxSetField This is needed because the checkboxsetfield doesn't have an easy way to segment by TypeID. This is exactly the same except that you set the name to StaticAttributeValues-<TypeID>. EMPTY
ProductCategoryHelperMethods Adds some methods to the Product class to list out all categories a product is in. This is generally useful, but also really helps with building search indexes. EMPTY
SearchLog Records search results for future suggestions and analysis EMPTY
SearchTermsReport Silverstripe report for searchs EMPTY
ShopSearch Fulltext search index for shop buyables EMPTY
ShopSearchAjax Pending some changes introduced to the core shop module, this will supply some standard, easily overridable ajax features. EMPTY
ShopSearchControllerExtension Adds SearchForm and results methods to the controller. EMPTY
ShopSearchForm Form object for shop search. EMPTY
ShopSearchMysql Adapter that will use MySQL's full text search features. EMPTY
ShopSearchSimple VERY simple adapter to use DataList and :PartialMatch searches. Bare mininum that will probably get terrible results but doesn't require any additional setup. EMPTY
ShopSearchSolr Search driver for the fulltext module with solr backend. EMPTY
ShopSearchTest Basic tests for searching (uses the MysqlSimple adapter) EMPTY
VirtualFieldIndex Adds a new field to the mysql table which can hold the result of a "virtual field" (i.e. method call on the model or relation). EMPTY
VirtualFieldIndexQueuedJob No description available EMPTY