Name Description
CSSmin No description available EMPTY
DooDigestAuth Handles HTTP digest authentication EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
FirePHP Sends the given data to the FirePHP Firefox Extension. EMPTY
HTTP_ConditionalGet Implement conditional GET via a timestamp or hash of content EMPTY
HTTP_Encoder Encode and send gzipped/deflated content EMPTY
JSCompilerContext No description available EMPTY
JSMin JSMin.php - modified PHP implementation of Douglas Crockford's JSMin. EMPTY
JSMinPlus No description available EMPTY
JSMin_UnterminatedCommentException No description available EMPTY
JSMin_UnterminatedRegExpException No description available EMPTY
JSMin_UnterminatedStringException No description available EMPTY
JSNode No description available EMPTY
JSParser No description available EMPTY
JSToken No description available EMPTY
JSTokenizer No description available EMPTY
Minify Minify - Combines, minifies, and caches JavaScript and CSS files on demand. EMPTY
Minify_Build Maintain a single last modification time for a group of Minify sources to allow use of far off Expires headers in Minify. EMPTY
Minify_CSS Minify CSS EMPTY
Minify_CSS_Compressor Compress CSS EMPTY
Minify_CSS_UriRewriter Rewrite file-relative URIs as root-relative in CSS files EMPTY
Minify_Cache_APC APC-based cache class for Minify EMPTY
Minify_Cache_File Class Minify_Cache_File EMPTY
Minify_Cache_Memcache Memcache-based cache class for Minify EMPTY
Minify_Cache_XCache XCache-based cache class for Minify {@see XCache API} EMPTY
Minify_Cache_ZendPlatform ZendPlatform-based cache class for Minify EMPTY
Minify_ClosureCompiler Compress Javascript using the Closure Compiler EMPTY
Minify_CommentPreserver Process a string in pieces preserving C-style comments that begin with "/*!" EMPTY
Minify_Controller_Base Base class for Minify controller EMPTY
Minify_Controller_Files Controller class for minifying a set of files EMPTY
Minify_Controller_Groups Controller class for serving predetermined groups of minimized sets, selected by PATH_INFO EMPTY
Minify_Controller_MinApp Controller class for requests to /min/index.php EMPTY
Minify_Controller_Page Controller class for serving a single HTML page EMPTY
Minify_Controller_Version1 Controller class for emulating version 1 of minify.php (mostly a proof-of-concept) EMPTY
Minify_DebugDetector Detect whether request should be debugged EMPTY
Minify_HTML Compress HTML EMPTY
Minify_HTML_Helper Helpers for writing Minfy URIs into HTML EMPTY
Minify_ImportProcessor Linearize a CSS/JS file by including content specified by CSS import declarations. In CSS files, relative URIs are fixed. EMPTY
Minify_JS_ClosureCompiler Minify Javascript using Google's Closure Compiler API EMPTY
Minify_JS_ClosureCompiler_Exception No description available EMPTY
Minify_Lines Add line numbers in C-style comments for easier debugging of combined content EMPTY
Minify_Loader Class autoloader EMPTY
Minify_Logger Message logging class EMPTY
Minify_Packer Minify Javascript using Dean Edward's Packer EMPTY
Minify_Requirements_Backend No description available EMPTY
Minify_Source A content source to be minified by Minify. EMPTY
Minify_YUICompressor Compress Javascript/CSS using the YUI Compressor EMPTY
Minify_YUI_CssCompressor Compress CSS (incomplete DO NOT USE) EMPTY


Name Description
Cli Forms a front controller for a console app, handling and validating arguments (options) EMPTY


Name Description
Arg An argument for a CLI app. This specifies the argument, what values it expects and how it's treated during validation. EMPTY