Name Description
ExtensibleSearch Details of a user search that are retrieved for analytics. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchAPI Passes the current request over to the ExtensibleSearchService. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchArchive This represents an archived collection of search analytics. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchArchiveTask This creates an archived collection of analytics for each search page. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchArchived This represents an archived search analytic. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchExtension This extension is used to implement a search form, primarily outside the search page. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchPage The page used to display search results, analytics and suggestions, allowing user customisation and developer extension. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchPage_Controller No description available EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchService Handles the search analytics and suggestions, while providing any additional functionality required by the module. EMPTY
ExtensibleSearchSuggestion Details of a user search generated suggestion. EMPTY