Name Description
LinkMapping Simple and regular expression link redirection definitions. EMPTY
MisdirectionAdmin Misdirection CMS interface for creating, managing and testing customisable link redirection mappings. EMPTY
MisdirectionAdminTestingExtension This extension adds the testing interface used to view the link mapping recursion stack. EMPTY
MisdirectionFallbackExtension This extension allows pages to have a fallback mapping for children that result in a page not found. EMPTY
MisdirectionFunctionalTests The misdirection specific functional testing. EMPTY
MisdirectionHistoricalLinkMappingsTask Instantiate a link mapping for each site tree version URL, recursively replaying the publish into a temporary table. EMPTY
MisdirectionRequestFilter Hooks into the current director response and appropriately redirects towards the highest priority link mapping that may have been defined. EMPTY
MisdirectionService Handles the link mapping recursion to return the eventual result, while providing any additional functionality required by the module. EMPTY
MisdirectionTesting The testing interface used to view the link mapping recursion stack. EMPTY
MisdirectionUnitTests The misdirection specific unit testing. EMPTY
SiteTreeMisdirectionExtension This extension provides vanity mapping directly from a page, and automatically creates the appropriate link mappings when replacing the default automated URL handling. EMPTY