Name Description
Exception No description available EMPTY


Name Description
ApiSession No description available EMPTY
AuthFactory Factory for different kind of rest authenticators. EMPTY
BaseRestController Base class for the rest resource controllers. EMPTY
BaseRestControllerTest Tests for the base rest controller. EMPTY
DataListExtension Useful extensions for data lists. EMPTY
HtmlSerializer Serializer for html. EMPTY
HttpAuth Authentication mechanism using a BasicAuth request. EMPTY
JsonSerializer Serializer for json. EMPTY
JwtAuth Authentication mechanism using a token in the request header and validates it on every request. EMPTY
JwtAuthTest Test the JWT auth mechanism EMPTY
NestedResourceRestController The nested resource controller can help you to avoid some boilerplate in nested resources in you rest api. EMPTY
NestedResourceRestControllerTest No description available EMPTY
NestedTestController No description available EMPTY
PaginationExtension Class PaginationExtension EMPTY
PaginationExtensionTest No description available EMPTY
PaginationTestController No description available EMPTY
RestSystemException The system exception can be used for showing a system error like a missing file or a broken connection. EMPTY
RestTest Rest test class can work as base class for your functional tests. It provides some helpful methods to test your rest api more easily. EMPTY
RestUserException The user exception can be used for indicating the wrong usage of the rest api. EMPTY
RestValidatorHelper Some generic validators for incoming data. EMPTY
RestValidatorHelperTest Tests for the rest validation helper. EMPTY
RestrictedResourceController No description available EMPTY
SerializerFactory Factory for different kind of rest serializers. EMPTY
SerializerFactoryTest Tests for the serializer factory. EMPTY
SessionAuth Authentication mechanism which uses the internal Silverstripe authentication (session based). EMPTY
SessionController ApiSession controller is the controller for the session resource. EMPTY
SessionEndpointTest Class SessionControllerTest EMPTY
SessionFormatter The session formatter can format a session into a representation which is consumable from a IRestSerializer. EMPTY
SessionValidator Class SessionValidator EMPTY
SilverstripePermission Implements the IPermission interface and uses the Silverstripe permission system. EMPTY
SlugableExtension Extension for data objects which should be identifiable by a slug. EMPTY
TestController No description available EMPTY
TestHelper Test Helper class provides some helpful functions for tests. EMPTY
TokenAuth Authentication mechanism using a token in the request header. Valid tokens are saved in cache. EMPTY
XmlSerializer Serializer for xml. EMPTY
YamlSerializer Serializer for yaml. EMPTY
YamlSerializerTest Tests for the yaml serializer. EMPTY