Name Description
EventInvitation An invitation sent out via email to invite a user to an event. EMPTY
EventInvitationFieldTest Tests for the event invitation field and system. EMPTY
EventInvitationFieldTest_Controller No description available EMPTY
EventRegisterController Handles collecting the users details and creating a registration to an event for them. EMPTY
EventRegisterForm A form for registering for events which collects the desired tickets and basic user details, then requires the user to pay if needed, then finally displays a registration summary. EMPTY
EventRegisterFormSession A multiform session that has a registration object attached to it, which is written to the database if place holding during the registration process is enabled. EMPTY
EventRegisterFormTest Tests for {@link EventRegisterForm}. EMPTY
EventRegisterFormTest_Controller No description available EMPTY
EventRegisterFreeConfirmationStep Gets the user to confirm that their ticket details are correct, and sends a validation email if it is required. EMPTY
EventRegisterPaymentStep Uses the payment module to allow the user to choose an option to pay for their tickets, then validates the payment. EMPTY
EventRegisterTicketsStep A form step that gets the user to select the tickets they wish to purchase, as well as enter their details. EMPTY
EventRegistration Represents a registration to an event. EMPTY
EventRegistrationDetailsController Allows a user to view details for an event registration, provided they have the correct token value, or are the member attached to the registration. EMPTY
EventRegistrationDetailsEmail An email that contains the details for an event registration. EMPTY
EventRegistrationPaymentExtension Adds a payment relationship to the event registration object. EMPTY
EventRegistrationPurgeTask A task to remove unconfirmed event registrations that are older than the cutoff date to free up the places. EMPTY
EventRegistrationPurgeTaskTest Tests that the registration purge task works as expected. EMPTY
EventRegistrationTicketsTableField A table that allows a user to select the tickets to register for, as well as displaying messages for tickets that are unavailable. EMPTY
EventReminderEmailJob Sends out a reminder email to all people registered to attent an event. EMPTY
EventSendInvitationsButton No description available EMPTY
EventTicket A ticket type that can be attached to a registrable event. Each ticket can have a specific quantity available for each event time. EMPTY
EventTicketTest Contains tests for the {@link EventTicket} class. EMPTY
EventTimeDetailsController Shows event details for an individual event date/time, and allows user to register to the event. EMPTY
EventUnregisterController Allows a user to cancel their registration by entering their email address. EMPTY
RegistrableDateTime An instance of an event that a person can register to attend. EMPTY
RegistrableDateTimeReminderExtension Adds a relationship between an event date/time and the job that is used to send out reminder emails. EMPTY
RegistrableDateTimeTest Tests for the {@link RegistrableDateTime} class. EMPTY
RegistrableEvent A calendar event that can people can register to attend. EMPTY
RegistrableEvent_Controller No description available EMPTY