Name Description
Exception No description available EMPTY


Name Description
AssignUsersToWorkflowAction A workflow action that allows additional users or groups to be assigned to the workflow part-way through the workflow path. EMPTY
CancelWorkflowAction Description EMPTY
NotifyUsersWorkflowAction A workflow action that notifies users attached to the workflow path that they have a task awaiting them. EMPTY
PublishItemWorkflowAction Publishes an item EMPTY
SetPropertyWorkflowAction No description available EMPTY
SimpleApprovalWorkflowAction A simple approval step that waits for any assigned user to trigger one of the relevant transitions EMPTY
UnpublishItemWorkflowAction Unpublishes an item EMPTY


Name Description
AdvancedWorkflowAdmin No description available EMPTY
WorkflowDefinitionExporter Allows workflow definitions to be exported from one SilverStripe install, ready for import into another. EMPTY
WorkflowDefinitionImporter Workflow definition import-specific logic. @see {@link WorkflowDefinitionExporter}. EMPTY
WorkflowDefinitionItemRequestClass No description available EMPTY


Name Description
AdvancedWorkflowActionController Handles actions triggered from external sources, eg emails or web frontend EMPTY
FrontEndWorkflowController Provides a front end Form view of the defined Workflow Actions and Transitions EMPTY


Name Description
ImportedWorkflowTemplate This DataObject replaces the SilverStripe cache as the repository for imported WorkflowDefinitions. EMPTY
WorkflowAction A workflow action describes a the 'state' a workflow can be in, and the action(s) that occur while in that state. An action can then have subsequent transitions out of the current state. EMPTY
WorkflowActionInstance A workflow action attached to a {@link WorkflowInstance} that has been run, and is either currently running, or has finished. EMPTY
WorkflowDefinition An overall definition of a workflow EMPTY
WorkflowInstance A WorkflowInstance is created whenever a user 'starts' a workflow. EMPTY
WorkflowTransition A workflow transition. EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowBulkLoader Utility class to facilitate a simple YML-import via the standard CMS ImportForm() logic. EMPTY


Name Description
AdvancedWorkflowExtension Handles interactions triggered by users in the backend of the CMS. Replicate this type of functionality wherever you need UI interaction with workflow. EMPTY
FileWorkflowApplicable WorkflowApplicable extension specifically for File objects, which don't have the same CMS UI structure so need to be handled a little differently. Additionally, it doesn't really work without custom code to handle the triggering of workflow, and in general is not ready for production use just yet. EMPTY
WorkflowApplicable DataObjects that have the WorkflowApplicable extension can have a workflow definition applied to them. At some point, the workflow definition is then triggered. EMPTY
WorkflowEmbargoExpiryExtension Adds embargo period and expiry dates to content items EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowField A form field that allows workflow actions and transitions to be edited, while showing a visual overview of the flow. EMPTY
WorkflowFieldActionController Handles requests for creating or editing actions. EMPTY
WorkflowFieldItemController Handles individual record data editing or deleting. EMPTY
WorkflowFieldTransitionController Handles requests for creating or editing transitions. EMPTY


Name Description
AWRequiredFields Extends RequiredFields so we can prevent DO writes in AW's controller(s) without needing to catch Exceptions from DO->validate() all over the place. EMPTY
FrontendWorkflowForm No description available EMPTY


Name Description
GridFieldExportAction This class is a {@link GridField} component that adds an export action for WorkflowDefinition objects shown in GridFields. EMPTY
GridFieldWorkflowRestrictedEditButton No description available EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowPublishTargetJob A queued job that publishes a target after a delay. EMPTY
WorkflowReminderJob No description available EMPTY


Name Description
ExistingWorkflowException No description available EMPTY
WorkflowService A central point for interacting with workflows EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowReminderTask A task that sends a reminder email to users assigned to a workflow that has not been actioned for n days. EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowTemplate A class that wraps around an array description of a workflow EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowEmbargoExpiryTest No description available EMPTY
WorkflowEngineTest Tests for the workflow engine. EMPTY
WorkflowImportExportTest Tests for workflow import/export logic. EMPTY
WorkflowInstanceTest Tests for the workflow engine. EMPTY
WorkflowPermissionsTest Tests for permissions on all Workflow Objects. EMPTY


Name Description
WorkflowActionTest No description available EMPTY