A workflow action that notifies users attached to the workflow path that they have a task awaiting them.


class NotifyUsersWorkflowAction extends WorkflowAction {





  • $db
  • $icon
  • $whitelist_template_variablesbool



Inherited from WorkflowAction


  • Icon()
  • canAddTransition()
  • canCreate() — Allows users who have permission to create a WorkflowDefinition, to create actions on it too.
  • canDelete()
  • canEdit()
  • canEditTarget() — Can documents in the current workflow state be edited?
  • canPublishTarget() — Does this action restrict the publishing of a document?
  • canViewTarget() — Does this action restrict viewing of the document?
  • execute() — Perform whatever needs to be done for this action. If this action can be considered executed, then return true - if not (ie it needs some user input first), return false and 'execute' will be triggered again at a later point in time after the user has provided more data, either directly or indirectly.
  • fieldLabels()
  • getCMSFields()
  • getInstanceForWorkflow() — Gets an object that is used for saving the actual state of things during a running workflow. It still uses the workflow action def for managing the functional execution, however if you need to store additional data for the state, you can specify your own WorkflowActionInstance instead of the default to capture these elements
  • getValidator()
  • numChildren()
  • onAfterDelete() — When deleting an action from a workflow definition, make sure that workflows currently paused on that action are deleted Also removes all outbound transitions
  • onBeforeWrite()
  • summaryFields()
  • targetUpdated() — Called when the current target of the workflow has been updated
  • updateFrontendWorkflowFields() — Used for Front End Workflows