Name Description
AssetUrlConversionFilter No description available EMPTY
CDNFile No description available EMPTY
CDNFolder No description available EMPTY
CDNSecureFileController Handles requests to access a CDN file, checking if the file can be viewed given it's access settings. If successful it returns an expiring url for the resource EMPTY
CdnAdminController No description available EMPTY
CdnControllerExtension No description available EMPTY
CdnEmbedder No description available EMPTY
CdnImage Subclass that overwrites specific behaviour of Image EMPTY
CdnImage_Cached A resized / processed {@link Image} object. EMPTY
ContentDeliveryService Provides an interface to content delivery networks EMPTY
DevBuildExtension No description available EMPTY
FileCleanupFilter Cleans up any paths for local files that may have been uploaded or downloaded during this request. EMPTY
HtmlEditorExtension No description available EMPTY
PruneContentAssetsJob Cleans up content assets from X days ago EMPTY
ThemeCdn Wrapper around configuration for storing theme files in a CDN EMPTY
UpdateFileSizeTask Post upgrade, update filesizes for assets uploaded prior to FileSize capture EMPTY


Name Description
ContentServiceAsset A non-file asset which is served from an external content source. EMPTY
ImageBackendFactory An image backend factory which ensures that files are downloaded from the CDN. EMPTY
ImageCachedExtension Services cached resized images from the external source. EMPTY
ResampledFileExtension Changes the external content file when the version is changed, and ensures resampled files are deleted from the remote so that they're correctly regenerated later EMPTY
UploadExtension Saves files to the configured content service when uploaded. EMPTY
VersionedFileExtension uploads the 'old' version of a file in private mode EMPTY