Name Description
ContentReviewCompatability This is a helper class which lets us do things with content review data without subsites and translatable messing our SQL queries up. EMPTY


Name Description
ContentReviewCMSExtension CMSPageEditController extension to receive the additional action button from SiteTreeContentReview::updateCMSActions() EMPTY
ContentReviewDefaultSettings This extensions add a default schema for new pages and pages without a content review setting. EMPTY
ContentReviewLeftAndMainExtension No description available EMPTY
ContentReviewOwner Description of GroupContentReview. EMPTY
SiteTreeContentReview Set dates at which content needs to be reviewed and provide a report and emails to alert to content needing review. EMPTY


Name Description
ReviewContentHandler No description available EMPTY


Name Description
ContentReviewNotificationJob Allows the content review module to use the optional queued jobs module to automatically process content review emails. If the module isn't installed, nothing is done - SilverStripe will never include this class declaration. EMPTY


Name Description
ContentReviewLog No description available EMPTY


Name Description
PagesDueForReviewReport Show all pages that need to be reviewed. EMPTY
PagesWithoutReviewScheduleReport Show all pages that need to be reviewed. EMPTY


Name Description
ContentReviewEmails Daily task to send emails to the owners of content items when the review date rolls around. EMPTY
ContentReviewOwnerMigrationTask Task which migrates the ContentReview Module's SiteTree->OwnerID column to a new column name. EMPTY


Name Description
ContentReviewBaseTest Extend this class when writing unit tests which are compatible with other modules. EMPTY
ContentReviewCMSPageEditControllerTest No description available EMPTY
ContentReviewNotificationTest No description available EMPTY
ContentReviewReportTest No description available EMPTY
ContentReviewSettingsTest This class tests that settings are inherited correctly based on the inherited, custom or disabled settings. EMPTY
SiteTreeContentReviewTest No description available EMPTY


Name Description
ContentReviewCMSExtensionTest No description available EMPTY


Name Description
ReviewContentHandlerTest No description available EMPTY