Name Description
AWRequiredFields Extends RequiredFields so we can prevent DO writes in AW's controller(s) without needing to catch Exceptions from DO->validate() all over the place. EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
ExistingWorkflowException No description available EMPTY
PublishItemWorkflowAction Publishes an item EMPTY
WorkflowAction A workflow action describes a the 'state' a workflow can be in, and the action(s) that occur while in that state. An action can then have subsequent transitions out of the current state. EMPTY
WorkflowEmbargoExpiryExtension Adds embargo period and expiry dates to content items EMPTY
WorkflowEmbargoExpiryTest No description available EMPTY
WorkflowInstance A WorkflowInstance is created whenever a user 'starts' a workflow. EMPTY
WorkflowPublishTargetJob A queued job that publishes or unpublishes a target at a set date-time EMPTY
WorkflowService A central point for interacting with workflows EMPTY