Name Description
EnvironmentCheckSuite Represents a suite of environment checks. EMPTY
EnvironmentCheckSuiteResult A single set of results from running an EnvironmentCheckSuite EMPTY
EnvironmentChecker Provides an interface for checking the given EnvironmentCheckSuite. EMPTY


Name Description
DatabaseCheck Check that the connection to the database is working, by ensuring that the table exists and that the table contains some records. EMPTY
ExternalURLCheck Checks that one or more URLs are reachable via HTTP. EMPTY
FileAccessibilityAndValidationCheck Checks for the accessibility and file type validation of one or more files or folders. EMPTY
FileAgeCheck Checks for the maximum age of one or more files or folders. EMPTY
FileWriteableCheck Check that the given file is writable. EMPTY
HasClassCheck Check that the given class exists. EMPTY
HasFunctionCheck Check that the given function exists. EMPTY
SMTPConnectCheck Checks if the SMTP connection configured through PHP.ini works as expected. EMPTY
SolrIndexCheck Check the availability of all Solr indexes EMPTY
URLCheck Check that a given URL is functioning, by default, the homepage. EMPTY


Name Description
DevCheckController Class DevCheckController EMPTY
DevHealthController Class DevHealthController EMPTY


Name Description
EnvironmentCheckerTest Class EnvironmentCheckerTest EMPTY


Name Description
DatabaseCheckTest Class DatabaseCheckTest EMPTY
ExternalURLCheckTest Class ExternalURLCheckTest EMPTY
FileWritableCheckTest Class FileWritableCheckTest EMPTY
HasClassCheckTest Class HasClassCheckTest EMPTY
HasFunctionCheckTest Class HasFunctionCheckTest EMPTY
URLCheckTest Class URLCheckTest EMPTY


Name Description
DevCheckControllerTest Class DevCheckControllerTest EMPTY
DevHealthControllerTest Class DevHealthControllerTest EMPTY


Name Description
CheckErrors No description available EMPTY
CheckNoErrors No description available EMPTY
CheckWarnings No description available EMPTY