Name Description
ArrayObject No description available EMPTY
CacheItem Basic wrapper around items that need to be stored in the cache EMPTY
CacheService A simple cache service that uses a configurable CacheStore for persisting items for a given length of time. EMPTY
DomReturnHandler No description available EMPTY
DummyApiClient No description available EMPTY
ECUtils A set of utility functions commonly used in all sites EMPTY
EC_SourceTarget Tuple class for storing details about future imports when necessary EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
ExternalContent A class that provides methods for working with external content, aware of the nature of compound IDs and when to load data from SilverStripe to facilitate loading from other sources. EMPTY
ExternalContentAdmin Backend administration pages for the external content module EMPTY
ExternalContentHtmlEditorExtension Extension to include external content options when inserting links/images etc EMPTY
ExternalContentImporter Implements ExternalContentImporter ? EMPTY
ExternalContentItem Parent class for all ExternalContentItems. EMPTY
ExternalContentPage A Page type that lets you pull content through from any arbitrary external content source. At some point soon, this might change to behave more like a virtual page... Might be necessary in the future EMPTY
ExternalContentPage_Controller Contains methods for interacting with external content on the frontend EMPTY
ExternalContentSource A class that represents any kind of an external content source where the data can be represented in a tree state EMPTY
ExternalContentTest Copyright (c) 2009, SilverStripe Australia Limited - All rights reserved. EMPTY
ExternalHtmlEditorField_Toolbar Overridden toolbar that handles external content linking EMPTY
ExternalTreeDropdownField No description available EMPTY
FailedRequestException No description available EMPTY
FileBasedCacheStore A cache store that uses the filesystem for storing cached content EMPTY
FileLoader A class for uploading files directly from the filesystem where we don't care about is_uploaded_file EMPTY
JsonReturnHandler Return a stdClass by json_decoding raw data EMPTY
QueuedExternalContentImporter An abstract class for a content importer that works within the queuedjobs module EMPTY
ScheduledExternalImportJob No description available EMPTY
TransformResult Class to encapsulate the result of a transformation EMPTY
WebApiClient An object that acts as a client to a web API of some sort. EMPTY
WebApiClientTest Tests for the WebApiClient EMPTY
XmlReturnHandler Return a SimpleXML object for an xmlobject response type EMPTY
Zend_Exception No description available EMPTY
Zend_Feed Feed utility class EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Abstract The Zend_Feed_Abstract class is an abstract class representing feeds. EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Atom Atom feed class EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Builder A simple implementation of Zend_Feed_Builder_Interface. EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Builder_Entry An entry of a custom build feed EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Builder_Exception Zend_Feed_Builder exception class EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Builder_Header Header of a custom build feed EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Builder_Header_Itunes ITunes rss extension EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Element Wraps a DOMElement allowing for SimpleXML-like access to attributes. EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Entry_Abstract Zend_Feed_Entry_Abstract represents a single entry in an Atom or RSS feed. EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Entry_Atom Concrete class for working with Atom entries. EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Entry_Rss Concrete class for working with RSS items. EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Exception Feed exceptions EMPTY
Zend_Feed_Rss RSS channel class EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client Zend_Http_Client is an implemetation of an HTTP client in PHP. The client supports basic features like sending different HTTP requests and handling redirections, as well as more advanced features like proxy settings, HTTP authentication and cookie persistance (using a Zend_Http_CookieJar object) EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Curl An adapter class for Zend_Http_Client based on the curl extension. EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Exception No description available EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Proxy HTTP Proxy-supporting Zend_Http_Client adapter class, based on the default socket based adapter. EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket A sockets based (stream_socket_client) adapter class for Zend_Http_Client. Can be used on almost every PHP environment, and does not require any special extensions. EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Test A testing-purposes adapter. EMPTY
Zend_Http_Client_Exception No description available EMPTY
Zend_Http_Cookie Zend_Http_Cookie is a class describing an HTTP cookie and all it's parameters. EMPTY
Zend_Http_CookieJar A Zend_Http_CookieJar object is designed to contain and maintain HTTP cookies, and should be used along with Zend_Http_Client in order to manage cookies across HTTP requests and responses. EMPTY
Zend_Http_Exception No description available EMPTY
Zend_Http_Response Zend_Http_Response represents an HTTP 1.0 / 1.1 response message. It includes easy access to all the response's different elemts, as well as some convenience methods for parsing and validating HTTP responses. EMPTY
Zend_Registry Generic storage class helps to manage global data. EMPTY
Zend_Uri Abstract class for all Zend_Uri handlers EMPTY
Zend_Uri_Exception Exceptions for Zend_Uri EMPTY
Zend_Uri_Http HTTP(S) URI handler EMPTY
Zend_Validate No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Abstract No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Alnum No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Alpha No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Barcode No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Barcode_Ean13 No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Barcode_UpcA No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Between No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Ccnum No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Date No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Db_Abstract Class for Database record validation EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Db_NoRecordExists Confirms a record does not exist in a table. EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Db_RecordExists Confirms a record exists in a table. EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Digits No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_EmailAddress No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Exception No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Count Validator for counting all given files EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Crc32 Validator for the crc32 hash of given files EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_ExcludeExtension Validator for the excluding file extensions EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_ExcludeMimeType Validator for the mime type of a file EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Exists Validator which checks if the file already exists in the directory EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Extension Validator for the file extension of a file EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_FilesSize Validator for the size of all files which will be validated in sum EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Hash Validator for the hash of given files EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_ImageSize Validator for the image size of a image file EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_IsCompressed Validator which checks if the file already exists in the directory EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_IsImage Validator which checks if the file already exists in the directory EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Md5 Validator for the md5 hash of given files EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_MimeType Validator for the mime type of a file EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_NotExists Validator which checks if the destination file does not exist EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Sha1 Validator for the sha1 hash of given files EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Size Validator for the maximum size of a file up to a max of 2GB EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_Upload Validator for the maximum size of a file up to a max of 2GB EMPTY
Zend_Validate_File_WordCount Validator for counting all words in a file EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Float No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_GreaterThan No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Hex No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Hostname Please note there are two standalone test scripts for testing IDN characters due to problems with file encoding. EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Iban Validates IBAN Numbers (International Bank Account Numbers) EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Identical No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_InArray No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Int No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Ip No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_LessThan No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_NotEmpty No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Regex No description available EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Sitemap_Changefreq Validates whether a given value is valid as a sitemap <changefreq> value EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Sitemap_Lastmod Validates whether a given value is valid as a sitemap <lastmod> value EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Sitemap_Loc Validates whether a given value is valid as a sitemap <loc> value EMPTY
Zend_Validate_Sitemap_Priority Validates whether a given value is valid as a sitemap <priority> value EMPTY
Zend_Validate_StringLength No description available EMPTY