Name Description
CheckableOption No description available EMPTY
Forum Forum represents a collection of forum threads. Each thread is a different topic on the site. You can customize permissions on a per forum basis in the CMS. EMPTY
ForumCategory A Forum Category is applied to each forum page in a has one relation. EMPTY
ForumCountryDropdownField A simple extension to dropdown field, pre-configured to list countries. EMPTY
ForumDatabaseSearch Basic Forum Database Search. For a better search try the {@link ForumSphinxSearch} EMPTY
ForumHolder ForumHolder represents the top forum overview page. Its children should be Forums. On this page you can also edit your global settings for the entire forum. EMPTY
ForumHolderTest No description available EMPTY
ForumHolder_Controller No description available EMPTY
ForumMemberProfile ForumMemberProfile is the profile pages for a given ForumMember EMPTY
ForumMemberProfileTest No description available EMPTY
ForumReportTest No description available EMPTY
ForumReport_MemberSignups Member Signups Report. EMPTY
ForumReport_MonthlyPosts Member Posts Report. EMPTY
ForumRole ForumRole EMPTY
ForumRole_Validator ForumRole_Validator EMPTY
ForumSearch Forum Search. EMPTY
ForumSpamPostExtension No description available EMPTY
ForumSphinxSearch An extension to the default Forum search to use the {@link Sphinx} class instead of the standard database search. EMPTY
ForumTest No description available EMPTY
ForumThread A representation of a forum thread. A forum thread is 1 topic on the forum which has multiple posts underneath it. EMPTY
ForumThreadTest No description available EMPTY
ForumThread_Subscription Forum Thread Subscription: Allows members to subscribe to this thread and receive email notifications when these topics are replied to. EMPTY
Forum_Controller The forum controller class EMPTY
Forum_DataQuery This is a DataQuery that allows us to replace the underlying query. Hopefully this will be a native ability in 3.1, but for now we need to. EMPTY
Post Forum Post Object. Contains a single post by the user. A thread is generated with multiple posts. EMPTY
PostTest No description available EMPTY
Post_Attachment Attachments for posts (one post can have many attachments) EMPTY