Name Description
GenerateCSVJobTest No description available EMPTY
GenerateCSVJobTestController No description available EMPTY
GenerateCSVJobTestRecord No description available EMPTY


Name Description
UserFormUseQueuedExportExtension Adjusts UserDefinedForm to use GridFieldQueuedExportButton instead of GridFieldExportButton (the default) EMPTY


Name Description
GridFieldQueuedExportButton A button you can add to a GridField to export that GridField as a CSV. Should work with any sized GridField, as the export is done using a queuedjob in the background. EMPTY
GridFieldQueuedExportButtonResponse A special type of SS_HTTPResponse that GridFieldQueuedExportButton returns in response to the "findgridfield" action, which includes a reference to the gridfield EMPTY


Name Description
GenerateCSVJob Iteratively exports GridField data to a CSV file on disk, in order to support large exports. EMPTY