Name Description
CheckableVisibilityField A wrapper around a field to add a checkbox to optionally mark it as visible. EMPTY
MemberApprovalController No description available EMPTY
MemberConfirmationAdminTest Tests manually confirming users in the admin panel. EMPTY
MemberConfirmationEmail An email sent to the user with a link to validate and activate their account. EMPTY
MemberConfirmationEmailTest Tests for {@link MemberConfirmationEmail}. EMPTY
MemberProfileExtension Adds validation fields to the Member object, as well as exposing the user's status in the CMS. EMPTY
MemberProfileField No description available EMPTY
MemberProfileFieldsSection A profile section that displays a list of fields that have been marked as public. EMPTY
MemberProfilePage A MemberProfilePage allows the administratior to set up a page with a subset of the fields available on the member object, then allow members to register and edit their profile using these fields. EMPTY
MemberProfilePage_Controller No description available EMPTY
MemberProfileSection A section of a public profile page. EMPTY
MemberProfileValidator This validator provides the unique and required functionality for {@link MemberProfileField}s. EMPTY
MemberProfileViewer Handles displaying member's public profiles. EMPTY
MemberProfilesAddSectionAction A grid field section that allows one instance of each section subclass to be created. EMPTY
MemberProfilesAddSectionAction_ItemRequest No description available EMPTY