Name Description
Exception No description available EMPTY
MessageFrame Message frame is what is passed to/from the message queue implementation classes. EMPTY
MessageQueue Main interface to simple message queueing system. See docs/ for details. EMPTY
MessageQueueTest No description available EMPTY
MessageQueueTest_DataObject No description available EMPTY
MessageQueue_Object No description available EMPTY
MessageQueue_Process A simple controller that can be used to consume messages. EMPTY
MethodInvocationMessage Class to encapsulate a static, member or DataObject member method invocation. EMPTY
SimpleDBMQ Simple message queueing implementor. Queues messages in a database table. EMPTY
SimpleInterSSMQ No description available EMPTY
SimpleInterSSMQ_Accept Controller class for remote systems to call to receive messages. Expects to be called via POST EMPTY
Stomp A Stomp Connection EMPTY
StompException A Stomp Connection EMPTY
StompFrame Stomp Frames are messages that are sent and received on a stomp connection. EMPTY
StompMQ Message queueing implementation class that uses Stomp to exchange messages with an external message system. EMPTY
StompMessage Basic text stomp message EMPTY
StompMessageMap Message that contains a set of name-value pairs EMPTY
Stomp_Message_Bytes Message that contains a stream of uninterpreted bytes EMPTY