Name Description
MultiFormObjectDecorator Decorate {@link DataObject}s which are required to be saved to the database directly by a {@link MultiFormStep}. EMPTY


Name Description
MultiForm MultiForm manages the loading of single form steps, and acts as a state machine that connects to a {@link MultiFormSession} object as a persistence layer. EMPTY


Name Description
MultiFormSession Serializes one or more {@link MultiFormStep}s into a database object. EMPTY
MultiFormStep MultiFormStep controls the behaviour of a single form step in the MultiForm process. All form steps are required to be subclasses of this class, as it encapsulates the functionality required for the step to be aware of itself in the process by knowing what it's next step is, and if applicable, it's previous step. EMPTY


Name Description
MultiFormPurgeTask Task to clean out all {@link MultiFormSession} objects from the database. EMPTY


Name Description
MultiFormObjectDecoratorTest No description available EMPTY
MultiFormTest MultiFormTest For testing purposes, we have some test classes: EMPTY


Name Description
MultiFormObjectDecoratorDataObject No description available EMPTY
MultiFormTestController No description available EMPTY
MultiFormTestForm No description available EMPTY
MultiFormTestStepOne No description available EMPTY
MultiFormTestStepThree No description available EMPTY
MultiFormTestStepTwo No description available EMPTY