Name Description
CheckboxSetWithExtraField No description available EMPTY
DeleteUnverifiedRecipientsTask No description available EMPTY
GridFieldAutocompleterWithFilter No description available EMPTY
GridFieldNewsletterSummaryHeader Adding this class to a {@link GridFieldConfig} of a {@link GridField} adds a header title with a summary of the Status of the contained records EMPTY
MailingList Represents a specific containner of newsletter recipients EMPTY
Newsletter Single newsletter instance. EMPTY
NewsletterAdmin Newsletter administration section EMPTY
NewsletterContentControllerExtension No description available EMPTY
NewsletterEmail Email object for sending newsletters. EMPTY
NewsletterEmailTest No description available EMPTY
NewsletterGridFieldDetailForm Provides view and edit forms at Newsletter gridfield dataobjects, giving special buttons for sending out the newsletter EMPTY
NewsletterGridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest No description available EMPTY
NewsletterSendController A class that controls the queuing and processing of emails. When a user clicks the Send button in a Newsletter Admin that uses this class to add the send-out to a queue. The queue doesn't contain the actual emails, instead it has a simple handler that calls the "process_queue_invoke" method in this class, a method that does all the actual send out. Send out happens in batches to avoid the process crashing due to exceeding either the memory limit or the execution time limit. EMPTY
NewsletterSendControllerTest No description available EMPTY
NewsletterSiteConfig No description available EMPTY
NewsletterTest No description available EMPTY
Newsletter_Sent Single newsletter instance that shows only the sent newsletters in the NewsletterAdmin ModelAdmin. EMPTY
Newsletter_TrackedLink Tracked link is a record of a link from the {@link Newsletter} EMPTY
Recipient Represents newsletter recipient EMPTY
RecipientTest No description available EMPTY
SendRecipientQueue Database record for recipients that have had the newsletter sent to them, or are about to have a newsletter sent. EMPTY
SubscriptionPage Page type for creating a page that contains a form that visitors can use to subscript to mailing lists. EMPTY
SubscriptionPage_Controller No description available EMPTY
TrackLinkController {@link Newsletter} objects have their links rewritten to use tracking hashs so when a user receives an email links will be in the form newsletterlinks/track/8sad8903458sa which is a link to this controller. EMPTY
UnsubscribeController Create a form that a user can use to unsubscribe from a mailing list EMPTY
UnsubscribeRecord Record to keep track of when a {@link Recipient} has unsubscribed from a {@link MailingList}. EMPTY
UnsubscribeTest No description available EMPTY
UnsubscriptionPage Page type for creating a page that contains a form that visitors can use to unsubscribe from all mailing lists. EMPTY
UnsubscriptionPage_Controller No description available EMPTY


Name Description
FeatureContext Features context EMPTY