Name Description
QJUtils A set of utility functions used by the queued jobs module EMPTY


Name Description
QueuedJobsAdmin No description available EMPTY


Name Description
QueuedJobDescriptor A QueuedJobDescriptor is the stored representation of a piece of work that could take a while to execute, because of which it is desireable to not have it executing in parallel to other jobs. EMPTY
QueuedJobRule No description available EMPTY


Name Description
ScheduledExecutionExtension An extension that can be added to objects that automatically adds scheduled execution capabilities to data objects. EMPTY


Name Description
GridFieldQueuedJobExecute This class is a {@link GridField} component that adds a delete action for objects. EMPTY


Name Description
CleanupJob An queued job to clean out the QueuedJobDescriptor Table which often gets too full EMPTY
DeleteObjectJob A job used to delete a data object. Typically used for deletes that need to happen on a schedule, or where the delete may have some onflow affect that takes a while to finish the deletion. EMPTY
DoormanQueuedJobTask No description available EMPTY
GenerateGoogleSitemapJob A job for generating a site's google sitemap EMPTY
PublishItemsJob An example queued job EMPTY
ScheduledExecutionJob A job that gets executed on a particular schedule. When it runs, it will call the onScheduledExecution method on the owning dataobject. EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractQueuedJob A base implementation of a queued job that provides some convenience for implementations EMPTY
DefaultQueueHandler Default method for handling items run via the cron EMPTY
GearmanQueueHandler No description available EMPTY
ImmediateQueueHandler execute jobs immediately in the current request context EMPTY
JobErrorHandler Class used to handle errors for a single job EMPTY
QueuedJobService A service that can be used for starting, stopping and listing queued jobs. EMPTY


Name Description
CreateQueuedJobTask A task that can be used to create a queued job. EMPTY
DummyQueuedJob No description available EMPTY
ProcessJobQueueChildTask No description available EMPTY
ProcessJobQueueTask Task used to process the job queue EMPTY
PublishItemsTask An example build task that publishes a bunch of pages - this demonstrates a realworld example of how the queued jobs project can be used EMPTY


Name Description
BaseRunner Class BaseRunner EMPTY
DoormanRunner Runs all jobs through the doorman engine EMPTY
QueueRunner Runs all jobs in a queue loop in one process EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractTest No description available EMPTY
CleanupJobTest No description available EMPTY
QueuedJobsAdminTest Tests for the QueuedJobsAdmin ModelAdmin clas EMPTY
QueuedJobsTest No description available EMPTY
ScheduledExecutionTest No description available EMPTY


Name Description
QueuedJobsTest_Handler Logger for recording messages for later retrieval EMPTY
QueuedJobsTest_RecordingLogger Test logger for recording messages EMPTY
TestQJService No description available EMPTY
TestQueuedJob No description available EMPTY


Name Description
TestScheduledDataObject No description available EMPTY


Name Description
JobWorker No description available EMPTY