class FakeTestAbstract extends Report implements TestOnly {




  • SilverStripe\Dev\TestOnly



  • $dataClass
    The class of object being managed by this report.
  • $description — string
    This is a description about what this report does. Used by the ReportAdmin templates.
  • $sort — int
    A field that specifies the sort order of this report
  • $title — string
    This is the title of the report, used by the ReportAdmin templates.



Inherited from SilverStripe\Reports\Report



  • TreeTitle() — Return the name of this report, which is used by the templates to render the name of the report in the report tree, the left hand pane inside ReportAdmin.
  • canView()
  • columns()
  • dataClass() — Return the data class for this report
  • description() — Return the description of this report.
  • extendedCan() — Helper to assist with permission extension
  • getCMSActions()
  • getCMSFields() — Returns a FieldList with which to create the CMS editing form.
  • getCount() — counts the number of objects returned
  • getReportField() — Return a field, such as a {@link GridField} that is used to show and manipulate data relating to this report.
  • getTitle() — Allows access to title as a property
  • get_excluded_reports() — Return an array of excluded reports. That is, reports that will not be included in the list of reports in report admin in the CMS.
  • get_reports() — Return the SS_Report objects making up the given list.
  • records() — Return a SS_List records for this report.
  • sourceQuery() — Return the {@link DataQuery} that provides your report data.
  • title() — Return the title of this report.