Name Description
BasicRestfulAuthenticator A simple authenticator for the Restful server. EMPTY
DataFormatter A DataFormatter object handles transformation of data from SilverStripe model objects to a particular output format, and vice versa. This is most commonly used in developing RESTful APIs. EMPTY
RestfulServer Generic RESTful server, which handles webservice access to arbitrary DataObjects. EMPTY
RestfulServerItem Restful server handler for a single DataObject EMPTY
RestfulServerList Restful server handler for a SS_List EMPTY


Name Description
FormEncodedDataFormatter Accepts form encoded strings and converts them to a valid PHP array via {@link parse_str()}. EMPTY
JSONDataFormatter Formats a DataObject's member fields into a JSON string EMPTY
XMLDataFormatter Formats a DataObject's member fields into an XML string EMPTY


Name Description
JSONDataFormatterTest No description available EMPTY
RestfulServerTest No description available EMPTY


Name Description
AuthorSortedPageRelation No description available EMPTY
JSONDataFormatterTypeTestObject No description available EMPTY
RestfulServerTestAuthor No description available EMPTY
RestfulServerTestAuthorRating No description available EMPTY
RestfulServerTestComment Everybody can view comments, logged in members in the "users" group can create comments, but only "editors" can edit or delete them. EMPTY
RestfulServerTestExceptionThrown Class RestfulServerTestExceptionThrown EMPTY
RestfulServerTestPage No description available EMPTY
RestfulServerTestSecretThing No description available EMPTY
RestfulServerTestValidationFailure Class RestfulServerTestValidationFailure EMPTY