Name Description
AccessAuthority An access authority describes the Role a user or group has which is then associated with a given object EMPTY
AccessAuthorityGridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest Special handler for saving access authority objects to make sure it's run through the permission service to make sure all grants are handled correctly EMPTY
AccessRole A grouping of low level permissions makes up a Role EMPTY
BasicAuthEnablerExtension No description available EMPTY
DataService A wrapper around DataObject:: static methods that perform proper security checks when loading objects EMPTY
DefaultPermissions No description available EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
MemberGroupDeleteAction No description available EMPTY
MemberLoginFilter No description available EMPTY
PermissionDeniedException No description available EMPTY
PermissionParent A container for permissions to be assigned to, which restrictable objects can then inherit from if they so desire EMPTY
PermissionService A service interface to functionality related to getting and setting permission information for nodes EMPTY
PrivateChildObject No description available EMPTY
PrivateObject No description available EMPTY
PublicMember A user that represents a public user of the system EMPTY
Restrictable An extension that adds role granting functionality EMPTY
RestrictedDataList No description available EMPTY
RestrictedGroupExtension Extension to enable the overriding of the grid field delete-relation action so that user removal from a group will trigger a permission purge EMPTY
RestrictedList No description available EMPTY
RestrictedMember Capture the user being logged in and set them into the security context EMPTY
RestrictedObject A dataobject that explicitly uses the restrictable extension. EMPTY
RestrictedObjectsAdmin Description of AccessRoleAdmin EMPTY
RestrictedPage A helper for making pages restricted by allowing perm lookups for pages to make use of the site config too EMPTY
RestrictedSecurityController Controller that handles Security logout to prevent write errors as logout tries to write the user AFTER logging out EMPTY
SecurityContext A context describing the security in place in the application, effectively the user that's logged in EMPTY
SimpleMemberList A generic list of members. Essentially a group without any parent inheritance, that removes management of user lists away from EMPTY
TestRestrictedObject Description of TestRestrictedObject EMPTY
TestTransactionManager Description of TestTransactionManager EMPTY
TransTestObj No description available EMPTY
TransactionManager Helper for running bits and pieces of code in transactions EMPTY