Name Description
Apache_Solr_Document Holds Key / Value pairs that represent a Solr Document along with any associated boost values. Field values can be accessed by direct dereferencing such as: <code> ... EMPTY
Apache_Solr_DocumentTest Apache_Solr_Document Unit Test EMPTY
Apache_Solr_Exception Copyright (c) 2007-2013, PTC Inc. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransportException Copyright (c) 2007-2013, PTC Inc. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransportExceptionTest Apache_Solr_HttpTransportException Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_Abstract Convenience class that implements the transport implementation. Can be extended by real implementations to do some of the common book keeping EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_AbstractTest Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_Abstract Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_Curl A Curl based HTTP transport. Uses a single curl session for all requests. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_CurlNoReuse An alternative Curl HTTP transport that opens and closes a curl session for every request. This isn't the recommended way to use curl, but some version of PHP have memory issues. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_CurlNoReuseTest Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_CurlNoReuse Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_CurlTest Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_Curl Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_FileGetContents HTTP Transport implemenation that uses the builtin http URL wrappers and file_get_contents EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_FileGetContentsTest Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_FileGetContents Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_Response Represents the required pieces of an HTTP response provided by HTTP transport implementations and then consumed by the Apache_Solr_Response class which provides decoding EMPTY
Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_ResponseTest Apache_Solr_HttpTransport_Response Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_InvalidArgumentException Copyright (c) 2007-2013, PTC Inc. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_NoServiceAvailableException Copyright (c) 2007-2013, PTC Inc. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_ParserException Copyright (c) 2007-2013, PTC Inc. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_Response Represents a Solr response. Parses the raw response into a set of stdClass objects and associative arrays for easy access. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_ResponseTest Apache_Solr_Response Unit Test EMPTY
Apache_Solr_Service Starting point for the Solr API. Represents a Solr server resource and has methods for pinging, adding, deleting, committing, optimizing and searching. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_ServiceAbstractTest Provides base funcationality test for both Apache_Solr_Service and the Apache_Solr_Service_Balancer classes. EMPTY
Apache_Solr_ServiceTest Apache_Solr_Service Unit Test EMPTY
Apache_Solr_Service_Balancer Reference Implementation for using multiple Solr services in a distribution. Functionality includes: routing of read / write operations failover (on selection) for multiple read servers EMPTY
Apache_Solr_Service_BalancerTest Apache_Solr_Service_Balancer Unit Tests EMPTY
Apache_Solr_Service_TestAll Test Suite for all Apache_Solr_Service package classes EMPTY
Apache_Solr_TestAll Test Suite for all Apache_Solr package classes and sub sub packages EMPTY
DismaxSolrSearchBuilder Query parser for Dismax querying EMPTY
EDismaxSolrSearchBuilder Query parser for Dismax querying EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
GeoCoordinateField A coordinate field EMPTY
SiteTreePermissionIndexExtension Inserts an additional search index based on user permissions for a site tree element. EMPTY
SolrAdminController Controller for backend management of solr search configs EMPTY
SolrGeoDBField No description available EMPTY
SolrGeoExtension Adds geospatial search to SolrSearch EMPTY
SolrGeoPoint No description available EMPTY
SolrIndexItemJob No description available EMPTY
SolrIndexable A decorator that adds the ability to index a DataObject in Solr EMPTY
SolrIndexingTest Copyright (c) 2009, SilverStripe Australia PTY LTD - All rights reserved. EMPTY
SolrQueryBuilder The default solr / lucene formatted query EMPTY
SolrReindexJob No description available EMPTY
SolrReindexTask Reindex the entire content of the current system in the solr backend EMPTY
SolrResultSet A Solr result set that provides access to results of a solr query, either as a data object set, or as more specific solr items EMPTY
SolrSchemaMapper Class that defines how fields should be mapped to Solr properties EMPTY
SolrSearch No description available EMPTY
SolrSearchPageMigrationTask Migrate any old SolrSearch instances to ExtensibleSearchPage instances. EMPTY
SolrSearchPermissionIndexExtension Updates the search query to include the current user permissions. EMPTY
SolrSearchService A search service built around Solr EMPTY
SolrSearch_Controller No description available EMPTY
SolrServerConfig No description available EMPTY
SolrSiteTreePermissionIndexJob No description available EMPTY
SolrTypeConfiguration No description available EMPTY