Name Description
ArrayObject No description available EMPTY
BuildStaticCacheFromQueue This tasks takes care of republishing pages that has been queues in the StaticPagesQueue. EMPTY
BuildStaticCacheSummary Holds data about runs from the task BuildStaticCacheFromQueue EMPTY
BuildStaticCacheSummaryReport Shows and report from the BuildStaticCacheSummary dataobject EMPTY
EventTestClass No description available EMPTY
EventTestClassImplementator No description available EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
FilesystemPublisher No description available EMPTY
FilesystemPublisherTest Tests for the {@link FilesystemPublisher} class. EMPTY
LockMySQL Methods for acquiring and releasing application-level locks when using the MySQL database EMPTY
PublishableRedirectorPage RedirectorPage-specific implementation. EMPTY
PublishableSiteTree Bare-bones impelmentation of a publishable page. EMPTY
PublishableSiteTreeTest No description available EMPTY
PublishableSiteTreeTest_Publishable No description available EMPTY
PurgeObseleteStaticCacheTask Cleans up orphaned cache files that don't belong to any current live SiteTree page. EMPTY
SiteTreeFullBuildEngine Similar to {@link RebuildStaticPagesTask}, but only queues pages for republication in the {@link StaticPagesQueue}. This queue is worked off by an independent task running constantly on the server. EMPTY
SiteTreePublishingEngine This extension couples to the StaticallyPublishable and StaticPublishingTrigger implementations on the SiteTree objects and makes sure the actual change to SiteTree is triggered/enqueued. EMPTY
SiteTreePublishingEngineTest No description available EMPTY
SiteTreePublishingEngineTest_StaticPublishingTrigger No description available EMPTY
SiteTreePublishingEngineTest_StaticallyPublishable No description available EMPTY
StaticPagesQueue This class responsibility is twofold: 1) Holding the data for a prioritized queue of URLs that needs to be static cached 2) Interaction with that queue EMPTY
StaticPagesQueueEvent Base class that all other events inherits. Also responsible for registering and notice eventlisteners about events. EMPTY
StaticPagesQueueEventTest This is a Unittest class for EventTest EMPTY
StaticPagesQueueEvent_Exception No description available EMPTY
StaticPagesQueueHealthCheck Used in the 'environmentchecks' module. EMPTY
StaticPagesQueueReport Description of StaticPagesQueueReport EMPTY
StaticPagesQueueTest No description available EMPTY
StaticPublisherTestPage No description available EMPTY
StaticPublisherTestPage_Controller No description available EMPTY
URLArrayObject This is an helper object to StaticPagesQueue to hold an array of urls with priorites to be recached. EMPTY