Name Description
Exception No description available EMPTY
FileTextCacheDatabaseTest No description available EMPTY
FileTextCache_Database Caches the extracted content on the record for the file. EMPTY
FileTextCache_SSCache Uses SS_Cache with a lifetime to cache extracted content EMPTY
FileTextExtractable Decorate File or a File derivative to enable text extraction from the file content. Uses a set of subclasses of FileTextExtractor to do the extraction based on the content type of the file. EMPTY
FileTextExtractableTest No description available EMPTY
FileTextExtractor A decorator for File or a subclass that provides a method for extracting full-text from the file's external contents. EMPTY
FileTextExtractor_Exception No description available EMPTY
HTMLTextExtractor Text extractor that uses php function strip_tags to get just the text. OK for indexing, not the best for readable text. EMPTY
HTMLTextExtractorTest No description available EMPTY
PDFTextExtractor Text extractor that calls pdftotext to do the conversion. EMPTY
PDFTextExtractorTest No description available EMPTY
SolrCellTextExtractor Text extractor that calls an Apache Solr instance and extracts content via the "ExtractingRequestHandler" endpoint. EMPTY
TikaRestClient No description available EMPTY
TikaServerTextExtractor Enables text extraction of file content via the Tika Rest Server EMPTY
TikaTextExtractor Enables text extraction of file content via the Tika CLI EMPTY
TikaTextExtractorTest Tests the {@see TikaTextExtractor} class EMPTY