Name Description
DisambiguationSegmentFieldModifier No description available EMPTY
EditableCheckbox EditableCheckbox EMPTY
EditableCheckboxGroupField EditableCheckboxGroup EMPTY
EditableCheckboxGroupFieldTest No description available EMPTY
EditableCountryDropdownField A dropdown field which allows the user to select a country EMPTY
EditableCustomRule A custom rule for showing / hiding an EditableFormField based the value of another EditableFormField. EMPTY
EditableCustomRuleTest Class EditableCustomRulesTest EMPTY
EditableDateField EditableDateField EMPTY
EditableDateField_FormField No description available EMPTY
EditableDropdown EditableDropdown EMPTY
EditableDropdownTest Tests the {@see EditableDropdown} class EMPTY
EditableEmailField EditableEmailField EMPTY
EditableFieldGroup Specifies that this ends a group of fields EMPTY
EditableFieldGroupEnd Specifies that this ends a group of fields EMPTY
EditableFileField Allows a user to add a field that can be used to upload a file. EMPTY
EditableFileFieldTest No description available EMPTY
EditableFormField Represents the base class of a editable form field object like {@link EditableTextField}. EMPTY
EditableFormFieldTest No description available EMPTY
EditableFormFieldValidator No description available EMPTY
EditableFormHeading Allows an editor to insert a generic heading into a field EMPTY
EditableFormStep A step in multi-page user form EMPTY
EditableLiteralField Editable Literal Field. A literal field is just a blank slate where you can add your own HTML / Images / Flash EMPTY
EditableLiteralFieldTest Tests the {@see EditableLiteralField} class EMPTY
EditableMemberListField Creates an editable field that displays members in a given group EMPTY
EditableMultipleOptionField Base class for multiple option fields such as {@link EditableDropdownField} and radio sets. EMPTY
EditableNumericField EditableNumericField EMPTY
EditableOption Base Class for EditableOption Fields such as the ones used in dropdown fields and in radio check box groups EMPTY
EditableRadioField EditableRadioField EMPTY
EditableRadioFieldTest No description available EMPTY
EditableTextField EditableTextField EMPTY
EditableTextFieldTest No description available EMPTY
GridFieldAddClassesButton A button which allows objects to be created with a specified classname(s) EMPTY
SecureEditableFileField Provides additional file security for uploaded files when the securefiles module is installed EMPTY
SecureEditableFileFieldTest Tests integration of EditableFileField with the securefiles module EMPTY
SubmittedFileField A file uploaded on a {@link UserDefinedForm} and attached to a single {@link SubmittedForm}. EMPTY
SubmittedForm Contents of an UserDefinedForm submission EMPTY
SubmittedFormField Data received from a UserDefinedForm submission EMPTY
UnderscoreSegmentFieldModifier No description available EMPTY
UserDefinedForm No description available EMPTY
UserDefinedFormControllerTest No description available EMPTY
UserDefinedFormControllerTest_Controller No description available EMPTY
UserDefinedFormTest No description available EMPTY
UserDefinedForm_Controller Controller for the {@link UserDefinedForm} page type. EMPTY
UserDefinedForm_EmailRecipient A Form can have multiply members / emails to email the submission to and custom subjects EMPTY
UserDefinedForm_EmailRecipientCondition Declares a condition that determines whether an email can be sent to a given recipient EMPTY
UserDefinedForm_EmailRecipientConditionTest Class EditableCustomRulesTest EMPTY
UserDefinedForm_EmailRecipientTest No description available EMPTY
UserForm No description available EMPTY
UserFormFieldEditorExtension No description available EMPTY
UserFormRecipientEmail Email that gets sent to the people listed in the Email Recipients when a submission is made. EMPTY
UserFormRecipientItemRequest Controller that handles requests to EmailRecipient's EMPTY
UserFormTest No description available EMPTY
UserFormValidator No description available EMPTY
UserFormsCheckboxSetField No description available EMPTY
UserFormsCheckboxSetFieldTest No description available EMPTY
UserFormsColumnCleanTask UserForms Column Clean Task EMPTY
UserFormsCompositeField Represents a composite field group, which may contain other groups EMPTY
UserFormsFieldList A list of formfields which allows for iterative processing of nested composite fields EMPTY
UserFormsGridFieldFilterHeader Extension to the build in SilverStripe {@link GridField} to allow for filtering {@link SubmittedForm} objects in the submissions tab by entering the value of a field EMPTY
UserFormsGroupField Front end composite field for userforms EMPTY
UserFormsStepField Represents a page step in a form, which may contain form fields or other groups EMPTY
UserFormsUpgradeService Service to support upgrade of userforms module EMPTY
UserFormsUpgradeServiceTest No description available EMPTY
UserFormsUpgradeTask Assists with upgrade of userforms to 3.0 EMPTY
UserFormsVersionedTask UserForms Versioned Task EMPTY
UserFormsVersionedTest No description available EMPTY
UserformsTreeDropdownField {@link TreeDropdownField} subclass for handling loading folders through the nested {@link FormField} instances of the {@link FieldEditor} EMPTY