Name Description
EpaydkPayment Payment Type EMPTY
EpaydkPayment_Controller No description available EMPTY
PaymentEpaydkTest No description available EMPTY
XMLSchema Backward compatibility EMPTY
epaysoap No description available EMPTY
nusoap_base nusoap_base EMPTY
nusoap_client [nu]soapclient higher level class for easy usage. EMPTY
nusoap_fault Contains information for a SOAP fault. EMPTY
nusoap_parser nusoap_parser class parses SOAP XML messages into native PHP values EMPTY
nusoap_server nusoap_server allows the user to create a SOAP server that is capable of receiving messages and returning responses EMPTY
nusoap_xmlschema parses an XML Schema, allows access to it's data, other utility methods. EMPTY
soap_fault Backward compatibility EMPTY
soap_parser Backward compatibility EMPTY
soap_server Backward compatibility EMPTY
soap_transport_http transport class for sending/receiving data via HTTP and HTTPS NOTE: PHP must be compiled with the CURL extension for HTTPS support EMPTY
soapclient For backwards compatiblity, define soapclient unless the PHP SOAP extension is loaded. EMPTY
soapval For creating serializable abstractions of native PHP types. This class allows element name/namespace, XSD type, and XML attributes to be associated with a value. This is extremely useful when WSDL is not used, but is also useful when WSDL is used with polymorphic types, including xsd:anyType and user-defined types. EMPTY
wsdl parses a WSDL file, allows access to it's data, other utility methods. EMPTY