Name Description
AccountPage An account page which displays the order history for any given {@link Member} and displays an individual {@link Order}. EMPTY
AccountPage_Controller Display the account page with listing of previous orders, and display an individual order. EMPTY
Attribute Represents a {@link Product} Attribute, e.g: Size, Color, Material etc. EMPTY
Attribute_Default No description available EMPTY
Attribute_OptionField No description available EMPTY
Cart Extends {@link Page_Controller} adding some functions to retrieve the current cart, and link to the cart. EMPTY
CartForm Form to display the {@link Order} contents on the {@link CartPage}. EMPTY
CartForm_QuantityField Quantity field for displaying each {@link Item} in an {@link Order} on the {@link CartPage}. EMPTY
CartPage A cart page for the frontend to display contents of a cart to a visitor. EMPTY
CartPage_Controller Display the cart page, with cart form. Handle cart form actions. EMPTY
CheckoutPage A checkout page for displaying the checkout form to a visitor. EMPTY
CheckoutPage_Controller Display the checkout page, with order form. Process the order - send the order details off to the Payment class. EMPTY
Customer Represents a {@link Customer}, a type of {@link Member}. EMPTY
GridFieldConfig_Basic Grid field basic configuration EMPTY
GridFieldConfig_BasicSortable Grid field basic sortable configuration EMPTY
GridFieldConfig_HasManyRelationEditor Grid field basic has many configuration EMPTY
GridFieldDetailForm_HasManyItemRequest Grid field detail form EMPTY
Item An Item for an {@link Order}. EMPTY
ItemOption An option for an {@link Item} in the {@link Order}. Items can have many ItemOptions. EMPTY
Modification Modification for the {@link Order}, saves data that is set by {@link Modifier}s e.g: shipping, tax, vouchers etc. Instead of linking to a {@link Modifier} it takes the Amount that the modifier will ammend the {@link Order} total by and the Description of the Modifier and saves that - denormalising the data - so that Modifiers can be deleted without losing any information from the Order. EMPTY
ModificationField_Dropdown For displaying a set of modifiers on the {@link CheckoutPage} which will inject their details into {@link Order} {@link Modifications}. EMPTY
ModificationField_Hidden For displaying a {@link Modifier} on the {@link CheckoutPage} which will inject details into {@link Order} {@link Modifications}. EMPTY
NotificationEmail A notification email that is sent to an email address specified in {@link ShopConfig}, usually a site administrator or owner. EMPTY
Option Represents an Option for an Attribute, e.g: Small, Medium, Large, Red etc. EMPTY
OptionField For {@link Product} {@link Option} fields to be displayed on the {@link Product} page. EMPTY
Option_Default No description available EMPTY
Order Order, created as soon as a user adds a {@link Product} to their cart, the cart is actually an Order with status of 'Cart'. Has many {@link Item}s and can have {@link Modification}s which might represent a {@link Modifier} like shipping, tax, coupon codes. EMPTY
OrderForm Form for displaying on the {@link CheckoutPage} with all the necessary details for a visitor to complete their order and pass off to the {@link Payment} gateway class. EMPTY
OrderForm_ItemField Represent each {@link Item} in the {@link Order} on the {@link OrderForm}. EMPTY
OrderForm_Validator Validate the {@link OrderForm}, check that the current {@link Order} is valid. EMPTY
Order_Update No description available EMPTY
Payment_Extension Mixin to augment the {@link Payment} class. EMPTY
Payment_ProcessorExtension No description available EMPTY
Price No description available EMPTY
PriceField Price field for managing prices. EMPTY
ProcessedEmail Same as the normal system email class, but runs the content through Emogrifier to merge css rules inline before sending. EMPTY
Product Represents a Product, which is a type of a {@link Page}. Products are managed in a seperate admin area {@link ShopAdmin}. A product can have {@link Variation}s, in fact if a Product has attributes (e.g Size, Color) then it must have Variations. Products are Versioned so that when a Product is added to an Order, then subsequently changed, the Order can get the correct details about the Product. EMPTY
ProductForm Form for adding items to the cart from a {@link Product} page. EMPTY
ProductForm_QuantityField Represent each {@link Item} in the {@link Order} on the {@link Product} {@link AddToCartForm}. EMPTY
ProductForm_Validator Validator for {@link AddToCartForm} which validates that the product {@link Variation} is correct for the {@link Product} being added to the cart. EMPTY
Product_Controller Displays a product, add to cart form, gets options and variation price for a {@link Product} via AJAX. EMPTY
ReceiptEmail A receipt email that is sent to the customer after they have completed their {@link Order}. EMPTY
RemoveAbandonedCartsTask Remove abandoned carts that have not been active for a certain period of time So that stock that is tied up in the carts can be released back if the customers do not go through the checkout process. EMPTY
RemoveDevOrdersTask Remove orders that were placed while the site was in 'dev' mode. Useful for cleaning up after testing a new site. EMPTY
RepayForm Form for displaying on the {@link CheckoutPage} with all the necessary details for a visitor to complete their order and pass off to the {@link Payment} gateway class. EMPTY
SWS_AccountTest Testing {@link Product} attributes and options on product pages. EMPTY
SWS_CartTest Testing {@link Product}s added and removed from {@link Order}s. EMPTY
SWS_CheckoutTest Testing {@link Order} modifiers at checkout. EMPTY
SWS_OrderTest No description available EMPTY
SWS_ProductTest Testing {@link Product} attributes and options on product pages. EMPTY
SWS_Test Common functions for SwipeStripe testing. EMPTY
ShopAdmin Shop admin area for managing orders, customers and shop settings. EMPTY
ShopAdmin_Attribute Shop admin area for managing product attributes. EMPTY
ShopAdmin_BaseCurrency Shop admin area for managing base currency EMPTY
ShopAdmin_EmailAdmin Shop admin area for managing email settings EMPTY
ShopAdmin_LeftAndMainExtension Extension for admin area to apply shop admin CSS etc. EMPTY
ShopConfig Shop configuration object for containing all the shop settings. EMPTY
ShopSearchContext_Order Search context for orders. EMPTY
ShopSearchFilter_OptionSet Search filter for option sets, used for searching {@link Order} statuses in the CMS. EMPTY
ShopSearchFilter_PublishedStatus Search filter for {@link Product} status, whether a {@link Product} is published or unpublished. EMPTY
Variation Represents a Variation for a Product. A variation needs to have a valid Option set for each Attribute that the product has e.g Size:Medium, Color:Red, Material:Cotton. Variations are Versioned so that when they are added to an Order and then changed, the Order can still access the correct information. EMPTY
Variation_Options No description available EMPTY