Name Description
Calendar Calendar Model The calendar serves as a holder for events, but events can exist as instances on their own. EMPTY
CalendarAdmin Calendar Admin EMPTY
CalendarColorExtension Color Extension Allows calendars or categories to have colors EMPTY
CalendarConfig Calendar Config EMPTY
CalendarEventGridFieldDetailForm CalendarEvent Gridfield DetailForm Add additional features to the gridfield detail form: 1. The classname 'CalendarEventGridfieldDetailForm' to be able to hook up css and js to the form elements 2. Adding js/css requirements 3. "Add New" button EMPTY
CalendarEventGridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest extension to the @see GridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest EMPTY
CalendarEventPageGridFieldDetailForm CalendarEvent Page Gridfield DetailForm EMPTY
CalendarEventPageGridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest extension to the @see CalendarEventGridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest EMPTY
CalendarHelper Calendar Helper Helper class for calendar related calculations EMPTY
CalendarPage Calendar Page Listing of public events. EMPTY
CalendarPage_Controller No description available EMPTY
CalendarsForm CalendarsForm EMPTY
CategoriesForm Categories Form EMPTY
Color Color EMPTY
ColorHelper No description available EMPTY
ColorpaletteField No description available EMPTY
ColorpaletteHelper Color palette helper Helper for working with and configuring color palettes EMPTY
ComingEventsForm Coming Events Form EMPTY
DoURLSegmentExtension DataObject URL Segment Extension inspired by EMPTY
Event Event Model Events can have calendars, but don't necessary have to. EMPTY
EventCalendarExtension Event Calendar Extension Allowing events to have calendars EMPTY
EventCategory Event Category EMPTY
EventCategoryExtension Allowing events to have many-many categories EMPTY
EventCsvBulkLoader PlayerCsvBulkLoader EMPTY
EventDebugExtension Event Debug Extension EMPTY
EventHasEventPageExtension Event Has EventPage Extension Allowing events to belong to an EventPage. EMPTY
EventHelper Event Helper Helper class for event related calculations and formatting EMPTY
EventPage Event Page A page that can serve as a permanent url for recurring events like festivals, monthly shopping events etc. EMPTY
EventPage_Controller No description available EMPTY
EventRegistration Event Registration EMPTY
EventRegistrationController Event Registration Controller EMPTY
EventRegistrationExtension Allowing events to have registrations EMPTY
EventRegistrationForm Event Registration Form EMPTY
FullcalendarController Fullcalendar controller Controller/API, used for interacting with the fullcalendar js plugin EMPTY
ICSExport Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3) ( This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. EMPTY
ICSExport_Controller ICS Export controller EMPTY
PastEventsForm Coming Events Form EMPTY
PaymentRegistrationForm Event Registration Form EMPTY
PublicCalendar Public Calendar EMPTY
PublicEvent Public Event Event shown to the public. EMPTY
PublicEventCategory Public Event Category EMPTY
PublicEventImportForm PublicEventImportForm EMPTY
ShadedCalendarExtension Shaded Calendar Extension Allowing calendars to be shaded This can be used with calendars containing secondary information EMPTY