Name Description
AssetsFolderAdmin Extension for {@see LeftAndMainExtension}. EMPTY
AssetsFolderCmsFieldsHelper Helper for handling assets folder related CMS fields TODO this is a first step but could take further cleanup EMPTY
AssetsFolderExtension This extension can be added to any object that should have a relationship to a folder inside /assets. EMPTY
SubsiteUploadDirRules Helper for consistent upload directories for sites using the subsites module. EMPTY
SubsiteUploadDirRulesTest Class SubsiteUploadDirRulesTest. EMPTY
UploadDirRules Helper for consistent upload directories. EMPTY
UploadDirRulesTest Class UploadDirRulesTest. EMPTY
UploadDirRulesTestTask Test task for helping upload dir rules development and debugging. EMPTY