Name Description
ConvertTranslatableException No description available EMPTY
ConvertTranslatableTask Provides migration from the Translatable module to the Fluent format EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
Fluent Bootstrapping and configuration object for Fluet localisation EMPTY
FluentContentController Fluent extension for ContentController EMPTY
FluentExtension Data extension class for translatable objects EMPTY
FluentFilteredExtension Data extension class for a class which should only be present in one or more locales EMPTY
FluentLeftAndMain Fluent extension for main CMS admin EMPTY
FluentMenuExtension Data extension for a page which requires locale-specific menu visibility EMPTY
FluentMySQLSearch Provides rewrite of fluent searches for MySQLDatabase EMPTY
FluentOldPageRedirectFix Bug fix for infinite redirect while trying to show a FluentFilteredExtension disabled page. EMPTY
FluentRequestFilter Fluent initialisation filter to run during director init EMPTY
FluentRootURLController Home page controller for multiple locales EMPTY
FluentSession Because there is not always an active controller (such as during pre-request filters) FluentSession will ensure the correct session object is injected as necessary EMPTY
FluentSiteTree SiteTree extension class for translatable objects EMPTY
FluentSitemapController Provides extensions for multilingual views of pages in sitemap.xml EMPTY
FluentTest Tests fluent EMPTY
FluentTest_CMSController No description available EMPTY
FluentTest_ContentController No description available EMPTY
FluentTest_FilteredObject No description available EMPTY
FluentTest_FrontendController No description available EMPTY
FluentTest_NullableObject No description available EMPTY
FluentTest_TranslatedObject Test class for fluent translated objects EMPTY
FluentValidateTask Helper class to validate fluent configuration EMPTY
FluentValidateTaskTest No description available EMPTY