Name Description
HTML5 No description available EMPTY
HTML5TreeConstructer No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Builder_ConfigSchema Converts HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange to our runtime representation used to perform checks on user configuration. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Builder_Xml Converts HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange to an XML format, which can be further processed to generate documentation. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Exception Exceptions related to configuration schema EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange Generic schema interchange format that can be converted to a runtime representation (HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema) or HTML documentation. Members are completely validated. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_InterchangeBuilder No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange_Directive Interchange component class describing configuration directives. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange_Id Represents a directive ID in the interchange format. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Validator Performs validations on HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_ValidatorAtom Fluent interface for validating the contents of member variables. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Filter_ExtractStyleBlocks This filter extracts <style> blocks from input HTML, cleans them up using CSSTidy, and then places them in $purifier->context->get('StyleBlocks') so they can be used elsewhere in the document. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Filter_YouTube No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Language_en_x_test No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Lexer_PH5P Experimental HTML5-based parser using Jeroen van der Meer's PH5P library. EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer_CSSDefinition No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm No description available EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm_NullDecorator Printer decorator for directives that accept null EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm_bool Bool form field printer EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm_default Swiss-army knife configuration form field printer EMPTY
HTMLPurifier_Printer_HTMLDefinition No description available EMPTY
Purifier Standard HTML purifier EMPTY