Name Description
MemberSpamCheck Identifies a user as "spam" based on criteria like its nickname, email address or IP used for registration. EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckExtension Added to {@link Member} in order to track serialized spam check results. EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckService Base implementation of a service to evaluate members against certain spam criteria. EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckService_MemberExtension Necessary to add fields to member record without relying on existence of forum module etc. EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckService_StopForumSpamOrg Uses API. EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckService_StopForumSpamOrgMock No description available EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckTask Takes a set of members and checks for spammyness based on {@link MemberSpamCheck}. EMPTY
MemberSpamCheckTest No description available EMPTY
MemberSpamCheck_Int Necessary because {@link Object::create_from_string} doesn't allow negative defaults... EMPTY