Name Description
PathfinderPageController The controller for {@see PathfinderPage} EMPTY
PathfinderRequestHandler A handler for the contiguous requests of a user proceeding through a Pathfinder EMPTY


Name Description
PathfinderControllerExtension Extend a controller to support an interactive Pathfinder EMPTY
PathfinderDataExtension Extend a data objects (such as SiteTree) to have a Pathfinder EMPTY
SiteTreeExtension Adds Pathfinder features to pages in the site tree EMPTY
TaxonomyTermExtension An extension for {@see TaxonomyTerm} EMPTY


Name Description
RadioNestedSetField Displays fields, grouped beneath a set of radio fields, which the intention that only one nested group can be used in the submission EMPTY
RadioNestedSubsetField A subset of fields displayed in a {@see RadioNestedSetField} EMPTY


Name Description
GridFieldConfig_CustomRelationEditor A customised relation editor config for managing Pathfinder content EMPTY


Name Description
Answer An answer, presented to users to progress to the next step of a Pathfinder EMPTY
Choice The choices for a Pathfinder's answer. One or more of these makes an answer single or multi-choice EMPTY
Flow A flow to give structure to question sequencing in a Pathfinder EMPTY
Pathfinder The fundamental object for a Pathfinder EMPTY
PathfinderPage A page with a Pathfinder EMPTY
Question A question used as a step in a Pathfinder EMPTY


Name Description
LocalStorageProgressStore Uses the user's local storage to store a Pathfinder user's progress EMPTY
ProgressEntry A structure for progress entires in a {@see ProgressStore} EMPTY
ProgressStore A storage model for tracking a Pathfinder's previously answered questions EMPTY
RequestVarProgressStore Can be used to pass progress on to the next step via the URL EMPTY
SessionProgressStore Uses the session to store a Pathfinder user's progress EMPTY


Name Description
AnswerTest Testing a pathfinder question's answer EMPTY
ChoiceTest Testing a pathfinder question answer's choice EMPTY
FlowTest Testing a Pathfinder's flow model EMPTY
PathfinderControllerExtensionTest Testing the extension of controllers associated with models with a Pathfinder EMPTY
PathfinderDataExtensionTest Testing the Pathfinder data extension EMPTY
PathfinderRequestHandlerTest Testing request handling for a Pathfinder EMPTY
PathfinderTest Testing the Pathfinder model EMPTY
QuestionTest Testing a pathfinder's questions EMPTY


Name Description
PathfinderModelAdmin A quick reference for all existing Pathfinders in the site tree EMPTY