Name Description
SimplifyAction SimplifyAction Provides url actions to draw the Simplify Field Tree, and toggle Permissions on or off EMPTY
SimplifyDataObjectDecorator SimplifyDataObjectDecorator Decorates DataObject to remove fields from a Page TODO: Might be better to make this more specific?? EMPTY
SimplifyGroupDecorator SimplifyGroupDecorator Decorates Group, adding the Simplify tab and building all child tabs and checkboxes based on permissions Also adds HTMLEditor tab and Field tab EMPTY
SimplifyLeftAndMainDecorator SimplifyLeftAndMainDecorator EMPTY
SimplifyPermission SimplifyDataObjectDecorator Creates a Simplify specific permission - used to hide Pages, Tabs and Fields EMPTY
SimplifyPermissionProvider SimplifyPermissionProvider Provides an array of all default Simplify permissions and allows the insertion of custom permissions EMPTY
SimplifySiteTreeDecorator No description available EMPTY
Simplifyi18nEntityProvider SimplifyPermissionProvider Ensures Simplify permissions are translatable EMPTY