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 * SimplifyLeftAndMainDecorator
 * Decorates LeftAndMain, applies the Simplify permissions using CSS and JS via alternateAccessCheck()
 * Also calls any code related to permissions
 * @package simplify
class SimplifyLeftAndMainDecorator extends LeftAndMainExtension
    private static $js_files = array();
    private static $css_files = array();

     * checkPermissions
     * loop through each permission, check if the current user has it, 
     * and add the permission.js or permission.css file as a requirement
     * @param array $permissions List of permissions to check
     * @param string cssPath ss relative path to the permissions css files
     * @param string jsPath ss relative path to the permissions js files
     * @return null
    private static function checkPermissions($permissions, $cssPath, $jsPath)
        if ($permissions) {
            foreach ($permissions as $permission => $permissionValue) {
                if (SimplifyPermission::check($permission)) {
                    $cssFile = $cssPath.strtolower($permission).'.css';
                    $jsFile = $jsPath.strtolower($permission).'.js';

                    self::$css_files[] = $cssFile;

                    self::$js_files[] = $jsFile;

     * Checks Simplify default and custom permission, also combines the CSS and JS.
     * Called from LeftAndMain
     * @return null
    public function init()
        //add global js + css required by Simplify - these aren't permissions, just support code

        //TODO - what does/did this do? No longer works with new 3.x JS
        // Look at simplify_global to see use of MultiselecttreeFIX
        //$treeJS = "simplify/javascript/simplify_multiselect_tree.js";
        //self::$js_files[] = $treeJS;

        $globalJS = "simplify/javascript/simplify_global.js";

        self::$js_files[] = $globalJS;

        //TODO -BUG FIX ME - uses old JS, need to fix this to work with new 3.x CMS JS
        //Block the JS file used to perform Permission/Full admin rights toggle - replace it with our own
        /*Requirements::block(SAPPHIRE_DIR . '/javascript/PermissionCheckboxSetField.js');
        $checkboxJS = "simplify/javascript/simplify_PermissionCheckboxSetField.js";
        self::$js_files[] = $checkboxJS;
        $globalCSS = "simplify/css/simplify_global.css";
        self::$css_files[] = $globalCSS;

        //Set defaults if initial load (on ALL groups)

        //only apply Simplify perms is they're not disabled
        if (!SimplifyPermission::check("SIMPLIFY_DISABLED")) {
            $permissionProvider = new SimplifyPermissionProvider();

            //check default permissions

            //check custom (user) permissions

            //Some permissions require code - execute that here

            //Hide the help menu
            if (SimplifyPermission::check("SIMPLIFY_HIDE_HELP")) {
            //Get the HTML Editor button lists for this user and customise the editor
            if (SimplifyPermission::check("SIMPLIFY_CUSTOM_HTML_EDITOR")) {
                //Put all lines into an array, iterate over each - if they have content it will be "button1,button2,button3"
                //explode this into an array and use HtmlEditorconfig to set the line
                //TODO: this gets the first group the member belongs to - they may belong to many
                //need to sort out how this is handled	
                $group = Member::currentUser()->Groups()->First();
                $lines = array($group->HTMLEditorLine1, $group->HTMLEditorLine2, $group->HTMLEditorLine3);
                $config = HtmlEditorConfig::get('cms');
                $i = 1;
                foreach ($lines as $line) {
                    $lineArray = array();
                    if ($line) {
                        $lineArray = explode(",", $line);
                    $config->setButtonsForLine($i, $lineArray);

            //Hide page classes from create dropdown if set
            //First, get all no create permissions for the current user
            $groupList = Member::currentUser()->Groups()->getIdList();
            $groupCSV = implode(", ", $groupList);
            $perms = DataObject::get("Permission",
                "\"Code\" like 'SIMPLIFY_NO_CREATE_%' AND \"GroupID\" IN ($groupCSV)");

            if ($perms) {
                foreach ($perms as $perm) {
                    //TODO - do this more elegantly
                    $page = str_replace("SIMPLIFY_NO_CREATE_", "", $perm->Code);
                    //This 'hack' uses the hide_ancestor static to remove itself
                    //See SiteTree::page_type_classes() for the call
                    Config::inst()->update($page, "hide_ancestor", $page);

                    //Note that this hides it from Behaviour/Page type which is bad - 
                    //SimplifyDataObjectDecorator updateCMSFields ensures it is set
            //TODO: this seems to fail, only adds the global css + js - fix

            //Combine js and css for live deployment