Name Description
ControllerPolicyApplicator This extension will register the policy with the middleware system to be run at process() stage of the middleware control pipeline. This is done with the help of the ControllerPolicyMiddleware. EMPTY
ControllerPolicyMiddleware This middleware accepts registrations of policies to be applied at the end of the control pipeline. EMPTY
PageControlledPolicy This extension leverages the CachingPolicy's ability to customise the max-age per originator. EMPTY


Name Description
CachingPolicy A rewrite of the default SilverStripe behaviour allowing more customisation. Consuming code can provide its own callbacks for providing custom cacheAge, vary and timestamp parameters. EMPTY
CustomHeaderPolicy This policy can be used to write or delete arbitrary headers. Set the header to empty string ("") to suppress that header. EMPTY


Name Description
CachingPolicyTest No description available EMPTY
CustomHeaderPolicyTest No description available EMPTY
PageControlledPolicyTest No description available EMPTY


Name Description
CachingPolicyController No description available EMPTY
CallbackCachingPolicyController No description available EMPTY
UnrelatedController No description available EMPTY