Name Description
NotificationAjaxServiceInterface Define a Notification Ajax Service that can be use to display notification to the user.
NotificationDeliveryInterface Details information about the delivery of a Notification. Originally returned by a Notification Sender.
NotificationParserInterface Define the signature for a class capable of parsing a notification type into message. The class will receive information about the type of notification that will be sent, some data to inject into the notifiation and the member for which the notification is destined.
NotificationProviderInterface Manage the delivery of notifications to a specific medium (e.g.: SMS, Email, DataBase, Morse code, Pigeon Delivery service).
NotificationResponseInterface Response to a notification sender service request. This give information about the status of the request.
NotificationServiceInterface Define a Notification Service that can be user to deliver notification to Members.
ParsedNotificationInterface Represent a Notification that has been parsed and can be use by a @link(NotificationSenderInterface) to send an actual notification.